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Short travel essentials!!!

So this week I had a few vacation days at work I needed to take before the crazy holiday season. Since it’s paid vacation days I say, why not. Which brings me to think, who are these people who have all these days saved up and never use them??? Obviously they don’t work in retail!!! I use mine every chance I can get.

So instead of staying home this week to collect fur, I decided to take a short trip 120 miles away to visit my baby sis. She’s not much of a baby. She’s in college and lives by herself in a cute one bedroom, which is the perfect get away. She loves for family to stop in and stay (at least she acts like it lol). I don’t miss living in a college town but I do miss the food. There are way more healthy eating choices then the town I’m in.

These are the beauty items that I packed for my trip. I try to condense my beauty staples when I take short trips. The biggest tip I can give is DO NOT TRY NEW PRODUCTS WHILE ON TRAVEL!!!! Travel is not the best time to try new things. You don’t want to have a huge reaction or a zit fest while at the beach in a new bikini. You also don’t want to irritate your skin while outside a lot. Trying new thing are better left at home. I pack items that I know will be good for my skin and won’t throw my skin into a frenzy. I also love travel size items that are easier to pack and the less glass the better.

These are my packing supplies for this trip, enjoy!!

First up is my skin care. Now, when I’m home I use a different moisturizer for day and night. For this trip I just use one for both. Since there is no sunscreen in this moisturizer, it’s okay for day and night. I also chose my clinique cleanser and toner. They are in the perfect travel size containers. The cleanser is for oily skin and the #3 toner has the same ingredients as my holey grail Lancome toner. So these will suit my travels without compromising my skin. I like great pampering serum when I travel that is easy to use and gets the job done. The capsules in the third pick are the Elizabeth Arden Cerimide capsules. I use them at night and the Visionnaire serum for the day. The cerimide gives my skin a plush feeling and it helps with cell turnover. And Visionnaire helps correct skin. Perfect combo!!!!!

IMG_3039   IMG_3038IMG_3024

Next is my make up. I try to keep it minimal. I love the options I have at home, but I cannot bring all my makeup with me. It would look like I’m moving away. Not yet grasshopper lol. So I kept it simple. I bring my favorite concealer, foundation, primers, and mascara.  I take a neutral lip and a bold lip, and three palettes. I have two that I made myself, I got an empty palette from mac for only $8 each. I get the one without the inserts so I can fill it with different shadow brands by depoting them and adding them to the palette. I’ll talk more about deporting in another post. I have one for eye shadows and one for blush and powders. The third palette is already made and carries my favorite highlight and contour powder. These are way easier than a ton of different eyeshadow and powder compacts. The only compact that I brought was a highlighter from Elizabeth Arden that I love for some shimmer on top of my cheek bone.

IMG_3035IMG_3029 IMG_3032IMG_3031

Last thing are brushes and what I put all this stuff in!!! I only bring two brushes for my eyes and three for my face. Simple enough, right?? Right?? I put all my items in two cute make up bags. the floral bag is from Estee Lauder and is plastic so its perfect for my liquid. and the polka dot is from Elizabeth Arden.


And these were a few of my favorite things lol!!!! Any questions about products just comment. Thank you for stopping by to lounge with me. Come back soon. Smooches

Kim B.





Lets talk about skin!!! My skin that is….

My skincare routine for day and night.


Today we are talking about skin. Before I continue with my blog, I want to tell you a little bit about my skin. Since product worth is different for each skin type, I want to tell you mine so that when trying suggested products, you will know whether it’s worth a try. And at some points in further posts, if I know any, I will give an alternate product for a different skin type. I work in the Cosmo world and my girls and me try all kinds of products. Some turn out great and some….. not so much. But if we think it’s someone else’s type we pass it along. And if it’s a hot mess product we warn everyone we know!!! Like men right??

I have combo acne prone skin. I know you are asking what in the universe does all that mean. Let me explain/ defend my testy skin. combo skin: means I have two different types of skin on my face. No not like hannibal!!! I’m normal on the perimeter off my face (top of my forehead, cheeks, chin) and I also have oily skin in my T Zone (between my brows, nose, and above my brows). Acne prone: which simply means I don’t have acne but my skin do experience breakouts when not treated correctly or on a regimen (not washing my face twice a day, sleeping in my makeup, not using a toner, eating crap, not drinking enough water)

So basically If I sneeze my skin goes nuts. luckily I don’t have sensitive skin on top of the rest. The good thing about combo and oily skin girls is that we won’t wrinkle early. Now one myth about combo or oily skin is that women don’t think they need to moisturize. WRONG!!!! Your skin produces more oil when you don’t moisturize properly.

Now this is what my skin has been loving!!!

IMG_3005Walgreens daily face wash (dupe for clearable daily face wash)IMG_3004Equate blemish control apricot scrub (dupe for St Ives apricot scrub)

These products are what I use to wash my face after I remove my makeup and when I wake up in the AM, or PM depending on how you slice it. I use the apricot scrub 2-3 times a week for a deep clean. They both have salicylic acid in them which is what my skin prefers to keep the zits at bay. Benzoyl peroxide doesn’t do anything for my skin. So these are what keeps my skin under control. I use the store brand when I can because its a better buy and if you compare ingredients, they are the exact same.

Lancome tonique radiance exfoliating toner
Lancome tonique radiance exfoliating toner
This is my holy grail toner for controlling my skin. The purpose of a toner is to bring back the PH balance in your skin after washing it strips it away. It also closes your pores preventing blackheads and also deep cleans the pores getting any dirt that was left behind. This toner is perfect for my skin because it has glycerin and witch hazel in it. The glycerin helps control oil and the witch hazel helps with blemishes. I use it day and night. It has a little tingle feel to it from the witch hazel.

IMG_3008 Lancome Visionnaire IMG_3007Lancome Genifique

I use these serums every day. Serums???? Serums are concentrated treatment for your skin. There are all kinds for specific skin issues. I use these together at night and just Vissionnaire during the day. Genifique gently treats any dullness in the skin giving a youthful look to the skin. Visionnaire treats dark spots, uneven skin tone, large pores, uneven skin texture. I apply genifique after I tone my skin, and then apply visionnaireon top of genifique.

IMG_3010Bienfait Aqua Vital IMG_3011Clinique moisture surge

Biggest tip I ever learned and I tell anyone who will listen. When choosing a moisturizer for combo/oily skin, always always always choose a oil free moisturizer!!!!!! The absolute best for our skin is a gel moisturizer. It doesn’t sit on the skin. It soaks in fast and moisturizes on contact. Cream moisturizers are for normal to dry skin, that’s why it sits on the skin so that it can give continuous moisture throughout the day/night. No thank you!!! If I use a cream moisturizer for normal skin, I will be able to fry an egg on my forehead by noon (brunch for one)!!! I use the Lancome aqua vital during the day, and the Clinique moisture surge at night. The moisture surge is a little to heavy for me during the daytime.

IMG_3006Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream

Last but not least I apply this magical potion on my lips. I moisturize my lips at night to keep them soft and also in the am before putting on lipstick. I hate cracked lips and I try to avoid it as much as possible. I also put whatever is left on my fingers on my eyelids to keep them super soft. This is a gel formula and reminds me of a medicated vaseline on steroids. This stuff is amazing. The smell is awful but it also comes in fragrance free. I use the original because I’m just use to the smell now or I have a unknown love for medicated scents. Its also great for any dry areas on your body. No excuse for crusty feet or elbows now that I’ve told you the greatest product around!!!!

Well now that it’s late and my face is on a platter. I am concluding this love letter to my skin with thanking you for coming by. Smooches

Kim B

My favorite very affordable makeup items :0)

Today we are talking affordable makeup. I love a good bargin and if I can find something that is a great dupe for a high end product well… sign me up!!! These are some of my favorite inexpensive makeup products that I buy over and over or have in multiple colors because they are just that good. Some of these I found years ago and some I just discovered. Some I have found on my own discovery and some I tried because I read a review on youtube or makeup social and thought I would give it a try. BTW I am a huge youtube fan. I mean where else can you go for a 30 minute healthy tasty dinner recipe, learn an easy makeup trick, how to workout to gain a JLo booty, and fix you washing machine in the same place. Nowhere, trust me, I’ve done the leg work!!! Okay back to the topic at hand. Things that make me happy.

Now my definition of affordable makeup: Something that you pick up for a great deal and get home, try it, and scream and/or dance around the house because it is an amazing product and you are glad you found it before the company realize how good it is and jack the price up. Also a product that you will tell every beauty obsessed friend you have because they have to have it. PS if you don’t have friends like these, you need new friends or you can add me to your friends list. PPS if you have friends who look at you weird when you buy tons of makeup or say something because you have five of the same shade lipstick but they are not the same… stop talking to those people, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!!! jk jk jk

You have your fans, and here are mine!!!!!

Wet N Wild matte lipsticks. very pigmented and tons of color selection. They def have some color dupes for mac. And $1.99 compared to $16. hmmm yup I’ll go with wet N wild.

IMG_2983Left to Right: Cherry bomb, In the flesh, 902C, and just peachy.

NYC Bronzer in sunny. My fav bronzer to contour my cheeks and nose. It’s matte and great to contour with especially since I like to highlight. It has really build able color. All around a great product. Price $2.99


Physicians Formula shimmer strips in sunset strip. Physicians formula has great highlighters. They have amazing color payoff. It takes forever to even get through on which is a good thing. And the packaging is so cute with the imprints on the powders and the acrylic packaging of the powders. Price $10-$12 but I always catch it on sale at walgreens or my sis always have a coupon (extreme couponers unite)


Wet N Wild bronzer powder in reserve your cabana. This powder I use to set my under eye concealer because I like my under eye bright and highlighted like I actually slept the night before (illusion is everything). It finely milled and the under eye creasing is minimal. And for my combo skin, it don’t cake and thats what I’m looking for.


L’oreal true match in N7. One of the best foundations in the drugstore for multiple reason. Great for combo oily skin girls, last all day, comes in a ton of color ranges, light on the skin, and best go to foundation for everyday use. Price $12-$13 but this bottle I found at the dollar store on sale for ……… 70 cents!!!! yes folks I said it right 70 cents. They were purging products and this was one of them.


NYX loose pearl pigments. Now I have a few Mac loose pigments when they released the smaller size for only $10 which I thought was a deal. But these are a great dupe. Goes on smooth dry but a little patchy if you use fix+ or wet. The green stained my lid a little but I jet used my trust cold cream cleanser twice and it came off. And of the begin price of $3 I’m willing to use a little more cold cream.

IMG_2988Left to Right: penny and jade pearl

NYX eyebrow shaper. This is a brow wax in pencil for. Greatest product ever. Now Anastasia Beverly Hills have a wax pencil as well and I don’t know who came up with it first and frankly I don’t care, Im just glad someone did. I use this before I fill in my brows to lay hy brow hair down and in place and then I won’t have to use brow gel later. Way in the pan and gel in a wand get so messy I can’t deal. Price 8.75. I got 40% off at Ulta. which NYX is always a good deal at Ulta!!!


Jordana twist & shine lip balm stains. these stains are very moisturizing and pigmented. I love them for days I’m running around or a casual quick and easy makeup day. They can be applied without a mirror. gives great color hat aces it look like you tied even when you didn’t. Def great for a jeans, glasses, chucks, and gloss kinda day. For me its Bb cream and this lip stain and I’m ready to run errands.

IMG_2990Top to Bottom: Sweet pink, nude chic, terra crave, and candied coral

Jordana Lip pencils. I love a lip pencil for a all over matte lip color. I don’t often use them with a lipstick unless I want my lipstick to last longer on my lips or if the lipstick is a little drying, I use a lipliner as a barrier. These liners are my favorite lipliner out of all my high and low end liners. PS the cabernet liner is great with the wet n wild lipstick in cherry bomb, perfect for fall. Price $1.49-$1.99

IMG_2991Top to Bottom: sexy mauve, natural, cabernet, tawny, and town brown

Jordana fabuliner in black. This is the product that made me love liquid liner. It’s a liquid liner with a marker like tip. Super easy to work with, jet black color (also comes in brown). I always ha a backup of this product!!! price $2.99


Jordana 12hr made to last eyeshadow pencil. This is a cream to powder product. I use it as my lid primer before my shadows. My shadow stays pigmented alllllll day with NO CREASING!!!!! having combo skin I needed a product that won’t cause my lid color to crease. And I love a bright color!!!! It gives the shadow the ability to be pigmented and true color. And for only $3.99 LLLOOOVVVEEE


ELF concealer in beige. I love a bright under eye and this concealer does that for me without looking like a reversed panda. It’s creamy in a good way. Easy to blend. And only $3. Plus its at Target which is my happy place!!


Last but not least ELF HD setting powder in sheer. The best translucent HD powder dupe for Makeup forevers HD loose translucent powder. Feels like silk on the skin. Sets liquid product like a dream. And the two best things about it: No camera white cast and only $6


Well folks thats my fav affordable markup products. Hope you try them out cause they are def worth a try. Thank you for visiting. Much Love Smooches!!!!

Kim B

Compact Gardening??

What is compact gardening?? Other words known as urban gardening, is what describes gardening in small spaces or in places one would not normally think to grow peppers. Now lets face it, not every one receives a hundred acres and a mule for there 17th birthday or was given the ” family plot of land”. This is for you two bedroom one bathroom condo owner with a fire escape being your only form of outdoor space. Some of us would love to be able to grow our own veggies so that at least we would know where a fraction of our food is coming from. It’s also a great way to grow and save a little green 😉

Purpose: saving money and the piece of mind in knowing where some of your food is coming from. The smaller batches of food doesn’t allow for pesticides which are harvested before bugs have time to get to it.

Great locations for gardening in small places: fire escape (if allowed), balcony, back or front porch, and window boxes

Here are some pics of a small space gardening example that I have found.

IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2931 IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2934

This gardening idea is from a friend of mine. These are tomatoes, peppers, and jalapeños. There are about 4-5 tomato plants in 3 of the pots, peppers in 2 of the pots, and jalapeños in 1 pot. The pots were purchased at Lowes on sale for $10. Can we say #winning!!!!  The best time to purchase gardening items like pots, soil, and shovels are end of summer early fall when the items are dirt cheap (no pun intended).

Gardening can happen anywhere you want. You can also use window boxes which are originally used for flowers. The best thing to plant in window boxes are strawberries, radishes, spinach, leaf lettuce, herbs, green onions, aloe, and garlic.

The moral of this post is: If there is a will there is a way. And again thank you for visiting me today. Much love smooches!!!

Kim B

Products I’ve used up!!!!

So I thought as my first post on my blog I will show you my trash. lol well not all of it, just the parts note worthy. I’m showing products that I have recently used up and how I feel about them. And no, you will not see a banana peel or a half eaten turkey sandwich, which Stripe already ate. That kinda thing is for another post. And you will meet Stripe another day.

But first let me tell you a few things about me. BtW now I have Carolyn Manzo’s signature quote in my head “Let me tell you something about my family!!!” loll. Okay back on track. My name is Kim, I’m 29, and currently live in West Virginia. Not the western part of Virginia, West Virginia. You know that state next to Virginia shaped like a fist with its thumb and middle finger up, yup that’s it. I have a passion for fashion, makeup, health, and food.

Okay on to the good stuff, my trash!!! loll


Yardley London Body wash in Honey Almond. This is one of my favorite body washes. It moisturizes the skin, great lather, and smells amazing. My favorite scent in this product is mango and lily but I can’t find it at any of my walgreens. And the great thing is it’s under $5!!!!


White cloud cotton balls. Not much to say about cotton balls….. they’re soft, white, and made from cotton???? Yea that’s all I got!! Oh, a positive about these is they don’t leave residue on my face when I apply my toner to my face. I usually use cotton rounds but these got the job done.

IMG_2961 IMG_2962

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Almond & Honey. Amazing body butter but I found myself taking a break from it and using another because the scent annoyed me. I know what you are thinking “But you body wash is the same scent!!” Yes it is but the body wash is very subtle and the body butter is more almond and less honey. Great stuff non the less.

IMG_2964 IMG_2963

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser.My number one go to for removing my eye and face makeup before washing my face. I can’t live without this stuff!!!! Pond’s cold cream was the first beauty product on the shelves, and it’s still there so that says a lot. If it ain’t broke….. well you know the rest 🙂


EOS shave cream in vanilla. AMAZING!!! keeps legs soft after shaving. also come in lavender and pomegranate which are just as nice but I’m favored to the vanilla.


Walgreens daily face wash. Exact dupe for the Clearasel daily face wash. Same ingrediants and keeps my face clear. Salicylic acid is what my acne hates so thats what we use to keep it away.


Mary Kay oil free eye makeup remover. It took me FOREVER to get through this bottle. It was my last resort when I ran out of my trusty Ponds cold cream. verdict on the MK remover… No ma’am!!! Too much work for such a small task. Also left a residue on my skin after I wiped it off.


Jordana lip pencil in Tawny. Love Love Love this lipliner. Very cheap and great quality. I don’t really use the liner to line my lips. I fill my lips in and use it as a matte lip color. My lips are defined enough they don’t need any more definition. lol I always have at least two backups of this liner.

Well folks that all the trash I have for you today. Thank you so much for visiting me today. Much love SMOOCHES!!!

Kim B