Products I’ve used up!!!!

So I thought as my first post on my blog I will show you my trash. lol well not all of it, just the parts note worthy. I’m showing products that I have recently used up and how I feel about them. And no, you will not see a banana peel or a half eaten turkey sandwich, which Stripe already ate. That kinda thing is for another post. And you will meet Stripe another day.

But first let me tell you a few things about me. BtW now I have Carolyn Manzo’s signature quote in my head “Let me tell you something about my family!!!” loll. Okay back on track. My name is Kim, I’m 29, and currently live in West Virginia. Not the western part of Virginia, West Virginia. You know that state next to Virginia shaped like a fist with its thumb and middle finger up, yup that’s it. I have a passion for fashion, makeup, health, and food.

Okay on to the good stuff, my trash!!! loll


Yardley London Body wash in Honey Almond. This is one of my favorite body washes. It moisturizes the skin, great lather, and smells amazing. My favorite scent in this product is mango and lily but I can’t find it at any of my walgreens. And the great thing is it’s under $5!!!!


White cloud cotton balls. Not much to say about cotton balls….. they’re soft, white, and made from cotton???? Yea that’s all I got!! Oh, a positive about these is they don’t leave residue on my face when I apply my toner to my face. I usually use cotton rounds but these got the job done.

IMG_2961 IMG_2962

Tree Hut Shea Body Butter in Almond & Honey. Amazing body butter but I found myself taking a break from it and using another because the scent annoyed me. I know what you are thinking “But you body wash is the same scent!!” Yes it is but the body wash is very subtle and the body butter is more almond and less honey. Great stuff non the less.

IMG_2964 IMG_2963

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser.My number one go to for removing my eye and face makeup before washing my face. I can’t live without this stuff!!!! Pond’s cold cream was the first beauty product on the shelves, and it’s still there so that says a lot. If it ain’t broke….. well you know the rest 🙂


EOS shave cream in vanilla. AMAZING!!! keeps legs soft after shaving. also come in lavender and pomegranate which are just as nice but I’m favored to the vanilla.


Walgreens daily face wash. Exact dupe for the Clearasel daily face wash. Same ingrediants and keeps my face clear. Salicylic acid is what my acne hates so thats what we use to keep it away.


Mary Kay oil free eye makeup remover. It took me FOREVER to get through this bottle. It was my last resort when I ran out of my trusty Ponds cold cream. verdict on the MK remover… No ma’am!!! Too much work for such a small task. Also left a residue on my skin after I wiped it off.


Jordana lip pencil in Tawny. Love Love Love this lipliner. Very cheap and great quality. I don’t really use the liner to line my lips. I fill my lips in and use it as a matte lip color. My lips are defined enough they don’t need any more definition. lol I always have at least two backups of this liner.

Well folks that all the trash I have for you today. Thank you so much for visiting me today. Much love SMOOCHES!!!

Kim B


7 thoughts on “Products I’ve used up!!!!

  1. Good stuff here! Tried the Jordana Lip liner in Tawny and convinced about the cold cream. My grandmother’s vanity always held a jar. 🙂 Looking forward to more daily beauty tips.

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  2. Wess and I read your blog!!! Awesome!!! The lip liner you definetly gotta try Estée Lauder lip liber in tawny!! 12 hour stay!!! You wil love love love ittttt!!! I will be checking on here now !! Can’t wait to see more TRASH!! Lol


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