Lets talk about skin!!! My skin that is….

My skincare routine for day and night.


Today we are talking about skin. Before I continue with my blog, I want to tell you a little bit about my skin. Since product worth is different for each skin type, I want to tell you mine so that when trying suggested products, you will know whether it’s worth a try. And at some points in further posts, if I know any, I will give an alternate product for a different skin type. I work in the Cosmo world and my girls and me try all kinds of products. Some turn out great and some….. not so much. But if we think it’s someone else’s type we pass it along. And if it’s a hot mess product we warn everyone we know!!! Like men right??

I have combo acne prone skin. I know you are asking what in the universe does all that mean. Let me explain/ defend my testy skin. combo skin: means I have two different types of skin on my face. No not like hannibal!!! I’m normal on the perimeter off my face (top of my forehead, cheeks, chin) and I also have oily skin in my T Zone (between my brows, nose, and above my brows). Acne prone: which simply means I don’t have acne but my skin do experience breakouts when not treated correctly or on a regimen (not washing my face twice a day, sleeping in my makeup, not using a toner, eating crap, not drinking enough water)

So basically If I sneeze my skin goes nuts. luckily I don’t have sensitive skin on top of the rest. The good thing about combo and oily skin girls is that we won’t wrinkle early. Now one myth about combo or oily skin is that women don’t think they need to moisturize. WRONG!!!! Your skin produces more oil when you don’t moisturize properly.

Now this is what my skin has been loving!!!

IMG_3005Walgreens daily face wash (dupe for clearable daily face wash)IMG_3004Equate blemish control apricot scrub (dupe for St Ives apricot scrub)

These products are what I use to wash my face after I remove my makeup and when I wake up in the AM, or PM depending on how you slice it. I use the apricot scrub 2-3 times a week for a deep clean. They both have salicylic acid in them which is what my skin prefers to keep the zits at bay. Benzoyl peroxide doesn’t do anything for my skin. So these are what keeps my skin under control. I use the store brand when I can because its a better buy and if you compare ingredients, they are the exact same.

Lancome tonique radiance exfoliating toner
Lancome tonique radiance exfoliating toner
This is my holy grail toner for controlling my skin. The purpose of a toner is to bring back the PH balance in your skin after washing it strips it away. It also closes your pores preventing blackheads and also deep cleans the pores getting any dirt that was left behind. This toner is perfect for my skin because it has glycerin and witch hazel in it. The glycerin helps control oil and the witch hazel helps with blemishes. I use it day and night. It has a little tingle feel to it from the witch hazel.

IMG_3008 Lancome Visionnaire IMG_3007Lancome Genifique

I use these serums every day. Serums???? Serums are concentrated treatment for your skin. There are all kinds for specific skin issues. I use these together at night and just Vissionnaire during the day. Genifique gently treats any dullness in the skin giving a youthful look to the skin. Visionnaire treats dark spots, uneven skin tone, large pores, uneven skin texture. I apply genifique after I tone my skin, and then apply visionnaireon top of genifique.

IMG_3010Bienfait Aqua Vital IMG_3011Clinique moisture surge

Biggest tip I ever learned and I tell anyone who will listen. When choosing a moisturizer for combo/oily skin, always always always choose a oil free moisturizer!!!!!! The absolute best for our skin is a gel moisturizer. It doesn’t sit on the skin. It soaks in fast and moisturizes on contact. Cream moisturizers are for normal to dry skin, that’s why it sits on the skin so that it can give continuous moisture throughout the day/night. No thank you!!! If I use a cream moisturizer for normal skin, I will be able to fry an egg on my forehead by noon (brunch for one)!!! I use the Lancome aqua vital during the day, and the Clinique moisture surge at night. The moisture surge is a little to heavy for me during the daytime.

IMG_3006Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream

Last but not least I apply this magical potion on my lips. I moisturize my lips at night to keep them soft and also in the am before putting on lipstick. I hate cracked lips and I try to avoid it as much as possible. I also put whatever is left on my fingers on my eyelids to keep them super soft. This is a gel formula and reminds me of a medicated vaseline on steroids. This stuff is amazing. The smell is awful but it also comes in fragrance free. I use the original because I’m just use to the smell now or I have a unknown love for medicated scents. Its also great for any dry areas on your body. No excuse for crusty feet or elbows now that I’ve told you the greatest product around!!!!

Well now that it’s late and my face is on a platter. I am concluding this love letter to my skin with thanking you for coming by. Smooches

Kim B


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