Short travel essentials!!!

So this week I had a few vacation days at work I needed to take before the crazy holiday season. Since it’s paid vacation days I say, why not. Which brings me to think, who are these people who have all these days saved up and never use them??? Obviously they don’t work in retail!!! I use mine every chance I can get.

So instead of staying home this week to collect fur, I decided to take a short trip 120 miles away to visit my baby sis. She’s not much of a baby. She’s in college and lives by herself in a cute one bedroom, which is the perfect get away. She loves for family to stop in and stay (at least she acts like it lol). I don’t miss living in a college town but I do miss the food. There are way more healthy eating choices then the town I’m in.

These are the beauty items that I packed for my trip. I try to condense my beauty staples when I take short trips. The biggest tip I can give is DO NOT TRY NEW PRODUCTS WHILE ON TRAVEL!!!! Travel is not the best time to try new things. You don’t want to have a huge reaction or a zit fest while at the beach in a new bikini. You also don’t want to irritate your skin while outside a lot. Trying new thing are better left at home. I pack items that I know will be good for my skin and won’t throw my skin into a frenzy. I also love travel size items that are easier to pack and the less glass the better.

These are my packing supplies for this trip, enjoy!!

First up is my skin care. Now, when I’m home I use a different moisturizer for day and night. For this trip I just use one for both. Since there is no sunscreen in this moisturizer, it’s okay for day and night. I also chose my clinique cleanser and toner. They are in the perfect travel size containers. The cleanser is for oily skin and the #3 toner has the same ingredients as my holey grail Lancome toner. So these will suit my travels without compromising my skin. I like great pampering serum when I travel that is easy to use and gets the job done. The capsules in the third pick are the Elizabeth Arden Cerimide capsules. I use them at night and the Visionnaire serum for the day. The cerimide gives my skin a plush feeling and it helps with cell turnover. And Visionnaire helps correct skin. Perfect combo!!!!!

IMG_3039   IMG_3038IMG_3024

Next is my make up. I try to keep it minimal. I love the options I have at home, but I cannot bring all my makeup with me. It would look like I’m moving away. Not yet grasshopper lol. So I kept it simple. I bring my favorite concealer, foundation, primers, and mascara.  I take a neutral lip and a bold lip, and three palettes. I have two that I made myself, I got an empty palette from mac for only $8 each. I get the one without the inserts so I can fill it with different shadow brands by depoting them and adding them to the palette. I’ll talk more about deporting in another post. I have one for eye shadows and one for blush and powders. The third palette is already made and carries my favorite highlight and contour powder. These are way easier than a ton of different eyeshadow and powder compacts. The only compact that I brought was a highlighter from Elizabeth Arden that I love for some shimmer on top of my cheek bone.

IMG_3035IMG_3029 IMG_3032IMG_3031

Last thing are brushes and what I put all this stuff in!!! I only bring two brushes for my eyes and three for my face. Simple enough, right?? Right?? I put all my items in two cute make up bags. the floral bag is from Estee Lauder and is plastic so its perfect for my liquid. and the polka dot is from Elizabeth Arden.


And these were a few of my favorite things lol!!!! Any questions about products just comment. Thank you for stopping by to lounge with me. Come back soon. Smooches

Kim B.





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