DIY Depoting your shadows

What exactly is depoting?? Depoting is a method used to remove the pan of makeup from its plastic packaging allowing you to condense your makeup into empty makeup pallets, personalizing your makeup pallets. This allows makeup to be stored and/or traveled with ease. A lot of brands have eyeshadows that you can buy in pan form already which has magnetic backing and  can be put in an empty pallet. There are different places to purchase an empty pallet. The one I am using is from mac and was only $8. You can also find them on ebay, amazon, makeup geek to name a few. Now if you’re like me, you get a pretty eyeshadow set and want to store them all together with your other pretties or you will forget that you even have them and won’t use them as much when they’re not in sight. This is my method (although not perfect) to get them all in sight so they can be used up instead of collecting dust which then makes them a waste of money. And I am not in the business of wasting. I also depot pressed powders, blushes, brow powders, lipsticks (rarely but if they break its a good way to save the product), and cream compact foundations.

Today I will me depoting two Mary Kay shadows that I’ve had for a long time. Mary Kay does sell the shadows in pan form but these are the old packaging where they snap into a empty pallet therefore they are not magnetic.  IMG_3116

With that being said, here are the supplies that I use:

IMG_3107Scissors, a pencil (which I switched out for a silver eyeliner because it can be seen better), the eyeshadows, tweezers, a sheet of magnetic adhesive, an old flatiron, a piece of thin scrap paper (I’m using a receipt), and sticky labels.

Step 1: Place paper on hot flatiron. i do this so that the plastic doesn’t melt directly onto the flatiron. I don’t use this flatiron on my hair, but I don’t want to get it gunky with melted plastic so that I can depot more products later.


Step 2: Place eyeshadow onto paper to melt the plastic. Melt it just enough to loosen the glue that is between the pan and the plastic packaging. This shadow’s plastic is thicker than a mac or Lancome shadow so I had to leave it on the heat for about 45-60 seconds. Check the back of the plastic to make sure the plastic is melting. IMG_3110

Step 3:Once the shadow has loosened from the packaging, I use tweezers to push the metal pan out to the plastic. I also use the tweezers to grab the metal pan because it can be hot. So be careful.


Step 4: After the pan is detached from the plastic packaging, I outline the shape of the pan onto the magnet sheet. I used a silver eyeliner (instead of pencil shown) so that I can see the lines when I cut them.


Step 5: Cut out the shapes and place on the pan adhesive side directly on the pan. I also place a sticky label on the back with the brand name and color of the shadow so if someone want to know or if I want to repurchase I will know where to get it. Because my memory is horrible :/


Step 6: place into your desired empty pallet. I’m putting these in my face pallet ( which is from Mac but has no Mac products in it lol) because my eye pallet is full and I want a few more before I make a new pallet.


The other products in this pallet I depoted as well. I have one of my favorite, and discontinued color, powder from Lancome  duel finish powder in sable. There is also a blush from Ulta brand called sun kissed, a hard candy fox in a box blush in hot flash, and a cream foundation, discontinued, from Lancome in bisque 4.

If you have any questions leave me a comment. Also, if there is something you would like for me to talk about on a post just comment!!!!

And as always, thank you for stopping by. Smooches

Kim B


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