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What’s in my makeup bag

So I normally go through and clean out my makeup bag every week of all the lipsticks and liners I’ve worn. because if they are not in their place I will think I’ve lost them. Well I haven’t cleaned out my bag in about two weeks because of all the working I have been doing. I work two jobs so down time isn’t available. womb womb!!! But I have decided to show you all the crap that have accumulated over the past few weeks. normally I have a few packets of raw sugar in my makeup bag because I just move the whole bag from one purse to the other so I will always have it. Unfortunately I used my sugar a week and a half ago and haven’t had the chance to replace it. SO check out my makeup bag….


So this is the makeup bag I have been carrying. It’s a Lancome gift with purchase from the fall gift.


First up… LIPS!!! I have been loving the ELF matte lipsticks because they are so easy and not drying on the lips. The two in this picture are in the colors natural and tea rose. I also have a mac lip liner in the color oak that pretty much goes with everything. Clinique chubby stick in roundest raspberry. A mabeline lipgloss in I have no clue what color, because the wringing on the bottom is tiny!!! NYX lip butter gloss in creme brûlée. Last of the lips is a lipstick from Elizabeth Arden in the color pink bloom.


In this pic I have a carmex lip pot which is a winter must have for me. Two products from Jose Mara: I have a miniature argon oil with a dropper top and a deluxe ample of the new whipped argon oil which is amazing for your hands.


So I normally don’t carry eye liners but on black friday I wore black lips, liner, and nails. So since I don’t have a black lipstick (yet) I used the Jordana liner marker in black. Which worked fine and the put the Jordana eye pencil on top. BTW it lasted all of an hour before I took it off because it got  a little messy. And at the top is a roller ball from Vince Camuto in the scent Amore and I love it.


This is Rimmel matte powder that I have been carrying lately. It gets the job done to mattify my oils during a long day. Next to that is a Links compact mirror that have the Lancome rose on the top that my Director gifted me for christmas last year. I still keep it in the suede pouch so that I won’t scratch it up.


Last pic are random things that stay in my bag on a just in case basis. hand cream from bath and body work, a powder brush from forever 21, panty liners, tampons, a comb, my employee discount card, a fruit leather, and a carry case for my floss sticks.

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Kim B