Healthy meal prep

Welcome back all my peoples!!!!! Today I want to talk about healthy eating. I try to choose a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis. Some days are better than others, but I have learned that if I prep for the week it’s a lot easier. When I do food prep, I normally prep on Sunday. I cook for monday through friday. This prevents me from eating out. I’m normally off from both jobs on wednesday and thursday which I think I should probably switch to food prep on one of those days because meal prep tends to be a lot. Note to self: change prep day. As I’m cooking I also wash my gym clothes, work clothes, bedding, and clean out the fridge. That way I’m getting more done and so I won’t leave the kitchen area and burn my broccoli. Believe me that smell won’t come out just by opening the window. lol sorry mom!!! In addition to meal prep I always have protein powder and almond milk on hand for my shakes.

One thing I have learned from eating better is not only does it makes you feel better, but your skin is much better too.

I switch up my meals every week but there are certain foods that I make every week because they can create different meals. These are the main staples in my meal prep.


I cook chicken legs in he slow cooker with lots of herbs, onion, and garlic. I don’t eat beef or pork so I use chicken in meals that you would normally use beef or pork. slow cooking chicken legs is amazing because the meat falls off the bone. I use this chicken for tacos, chill, chicken salad, omelets, and of course sandwiches!!! Another good thing about this chicken is that I use the homemade stock in my rice, yummies!!


I cook my rice in my rice cooker cause that’s the only way my rice comes out right. Instead of water I use chicken stock from my slow cooker chicken legs and a little olive oil. save a little stock to make a light gravy and you have chicken and rice.


I chop up and wash about 2 bundles of dark leaf lettuce. I put a paper bowl on the bottom of the bowl to keep the lettuce crisp after I spin the as much water out as I can. DISCLAIMER: Now this is gonna sound really really weird but since I don’t have a lettuce sinner, I had to create a way to spin the water off my lettuce so it won’t wilt and get slimy. After I wash my lettuce, I put it in a clean pillow case and spin in in a windmill motion in the front yard. Yes I’m weird but I do what works!!!


I boil about 8-12 eggs eery week. I use them for breakast, egg salad sandwich, on salads, and a snack. After the cook, I let them cool, peel them, and put them in cool water, and put them in the fridge. That way they are easy to grab.


I boil or steam 4-5 broccoli crowns. I don’t like the “trunk” or my broccoli trees so I only buy the crowns. Thy are a few cents more but it saves me time and it’s less waste.


Now this I make every other meal prep because I freeze half for the opposite week and because it takes a long time to make. This is a dominican bean recipe that I got when i lived in NYC. It’s called habichuelas. I call it bean gravy because the person i learned it from put a family twist to it. In order for the kids to eat the beans they would blend it into a gravy consistency and pore it over rice. I called it bean gravy until I could remember the pre per name for it. I could eat this everyday. I have to use a spoon because I always have more beans than rice ratio. the recipe takes time to get and mine taste different but I still love it. When I don’t have these ingredients, i always have a can of black beans to my my good friend Jess’s Ecuadorian black been recipe. and it goes onto of rice as well.

And on that note I need a snack lol. So I hope you all liked my healthy eating ideas. Andy questions just ask away bellow. Thank you for stopping by!!!


Kim B


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