Makeup Tool Review: Molly Cosmetics Silisponge

Beauty junkies this is for you. Today I will be reviewing the iconic overly talked about silicone sponge, the silisponge. You know the one that is all over instagram that was sent out to every person with more that 1,000 followers. This sponge is silicone which is very different from the popular beauty sponges. Well the rest of us seen it, and some of us actually got our hands on it. Since the hype was so real, this little thing was sold out everywhere. I got mine on Molly cosmetics website which was sold out but you could buy it and they would send it out once it came back in stock. It was on sale for $9.90+ $5 S&H and I was able use a coupon code from one of the insta beauty pages Dupethat that gave me a little discount (10% I think). Each order comes with one sponge. These are my pros and cons of this product.


This product soaks up ZERO product. since it is a silicone product, there are no pores for the liquid to soak into which saves you tons of monies.

It’s hypoallergenic and does not harbor bacteria.

Easy to clean. Just use mild soap and water. While applying makeup you can just use a makeup or baby wipe when switching from one product to another.

Small, compact, and easy to travel with. No need to get wet for it to be used properly.

No expiration date. Only time it needs replaced if the silisponge gets damaged. It will take a lot for this thing to get messed up. It is very durable.

It is an inexpensive item. It’s almost always on sale and you can find a coupon code to give you some extra savings. Without all that, is still cheaper than the original beauty blender.


Shipping took FOR E VER (in my sandlot voice). It took a month to get this in. I understand with the influx of popularity and the fact that they were sold out played a factor in the time, but goodness there are beauty junkies out here needing a fix. Ya killin us.

Takes a little longer to use than a brush or traditional beauty sponge. Where it is silicone, it doesn’t press the product into the skin as easily. you have to use patting motions so that your foundation doesn’t go on streaky. And where to silisponge is small, it doesn’t cover a lot of surface space on the face.

Cannot be used with powder products. Yeah not gon happen. The surface is too slick.


I like this product and I use it often. I use it when I know I have the time to sit down, turn on some music, and beat the face. I also like to sometimes like to apply my skincare and primer with it when I’m feeling boujie loll. Once I got the hang of it and how much less makeup I needed to use, the easier it was to use. Clean up is a breeze, and my foundation comes out flawless. I can even get my bb creams to have more coverage. Now in a time crunch, I use my ol’ faithful, Elf power brush or earth therapeutics beauty sponge for my foundation.

Well beauty folks that’s my take on the silisponge. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.


Kim B


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