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Fall Five Pt. 1

Hello beauties. It has been a while. I have been working on a YouTube channel that have been a very challenging learning experience to say the least. I will be posting here in correlation with my videos so that the info will be on both of my platforms. So now on to the reason that you came. My Fall Five Series.

In this series, I will be giving you all my favorite five of the specific category. These products are stand out for me in some way. Today the category is my skin care must haves. My skincare changes with the season. Since I am combo skin, I like to switch it up so that my skin doesn’t get use to the products and they stop working effectively. Plus with the weather changing, I like some things to be a bit more of a thicker barrier to combat the elements.

First thing on the list is face oils. I love face oils all year round but especially in the fall for that much needed moisture that you lose with the biting wind. Since I’m combo skin I use beauty oils at night. This is a prime time for oils and treatments because, while you are sleep, it allows time for you skin to really drink in the oils.

Second is Cleansing balms. I love these to break up the makeup and dirt on the skin. I don’t like makeup wipes because they don’t remove all of you makeup, it pulls on the skin, and strips the skin. So I prefer cleansing balms, oils, and milks. Now, cleansing milks are generally suggested for the dry skin beauties, but since I do the Korean method of double cleanse (cleansing the skin twice to make sure all dirt and makeup is removed) I love breaking my makeup down with the most moisturizing thing I can find. And since I will be washing my face a second time, I don’t have to worry about breaking out form over doing it.

Next is simple cleansers. I say simple because these cleansers are minimal ingredients, not medicated, and the first ingredient is usually water. I am acne prone so if I have a breakout, I will use different cleansers to help with that. but when my skin is treating me right, I like a cleanser that won’t aggravate my skin’s PH balance. I love a cleanser with not a lot of fuss, doesn’t have a ton of foaming, and leaves the skin feeling clean but not tight.

Next on the docket is lip balms. Now I know this is a staple and a unwritten rule. But I love putting on a generous layer on my lips before bed. I do this because dark vample lips are the life of fall for us beauty junkies, and a you can see every lip detail through it. So a nice smooth conditioned lips is key for a great long lasting color on the lips. And since liquid lips and matte lips are the thing, having a great base will prevent your lips from getting super dry.

And last but not lease is serums. These are great to layer under you moisturizer to give your skin the best benefits for long fresh, healthy  skin.

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Kim B


No makeup makeup look

Hello beautiful beauty junkies!!! Here is my first YouTube video doing a easy everyday makeup look. Enjoy


Kim B

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