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Fall Five pt 4

Hello my favorite beauty obsessed individuals. Today I felt the need to whip out the warning rules of the beauty world. I already have this posted titled “5 places to never store your products,” and since I’m incorporating this into my fall five series on here and my YouTube channel, I thought I will repost it. I have come here to save your life from all things gross. But I am also here with the product life raft to save the day.

Now I know for most of us, storage is scarce these days especially in this economy and the increase cost of housing. Seems like apartments are getting smaller and the rent just keeps hiking up to the sky. It’s like wanting a pair of Sam Edelman leather thigh high boots and only being able to afford a pair of adidas slip ons. Tragic I know, I know. When it comes to small spaces and trying to create proper storage for life, I understand the stuggle. When living in NYC, I witnessed first hand the real estate price of a closet in a basement that is labeled as a spacious garden studio apartment. Yeah right!!

Although space can be an issue, there are just some places beauty products should not live. Wheather you love high end or drug store, no one wants to throw away a product before its expiration date. This is the simple list that I have compiled. I’m sure there are other areas. If you know of any other places you should not store your products, comment below.


Windowsills are a great place to store books, figurines, cats. But not a place for your beauty products, Specifically perfumes. The light can change the scent of a fragrance, and can even cause it to spoil. The sun can also cause foundations to oxidize, melt lipsticks, and even dry out pencil and gel products prematurely.


In college I always seen girls keep their beauty products on the bathroom sink. I then realized that my mom does it as well. For the love of all things pigmented, do not do this. Your bathroom is constantly in a warm moist (gosh I hate that word, moist eek) breeding ground for bacteria. So now your beloved Charlotte Tilbury micro powder that you just ripped open the box is now becoming a rapid growing petri dish. I know this sounds a bit harsh but these things go on your face and near your eyes so it’s best to be safe.


Now there is a few exceptions to this rule. If you need to repair a broken lipstick, make a melted lipstick solid again, cool under eye or face sheet masks that are sealed, or to prolong the life of you nail polish. That’s probably the only reasons to use a fridge for makeup. And even with that, things like lipstick should only be placed in there for a short period of time. Have you ever put a cut onion in the fridge and the next day the whole fridge smells like onion and foods even taste like it too? Yeah this can happen to you makeup as well. Food smells and releases chemicals that can transfer to your beauty products. Not to mention that green pepper that you forgot about in the back of the fridge way out of eyesight, is now growing penicillin and that is not good for anything let alone you $40 Laura Mercier loose setting powder. Yuck unless you like your face to smell like left over Indian Curry


Near a heater is horrible for your cream products including lipsticks. Also glass products like face oils and moisturizers will start to lose active ingredients, separate, and begin to smell. What’s the point of forking over money for something that doesn’t work or a holy grail that isn’t performing like it should. We all have that regret drawer and no one wants to add to that pile of disappointment.


Now I pretty much live out of my car, but I know not to keep my makeup in there. It all started with my favorite Lancôme lipstick in the shade Trendy Mauve that fell out of my purse and ended up in the floor unnoticed by me and by the time I got back into my car that beautiful brand new shade was a goner and I was out $23. Of course I replaced it but not without kicking myself enough to count as my cardio for the week. There was no saving it or my wallet in that tragic incident.

Alright folks that all I have for right now. Now remember, say no to pink eye and cleanliness is next to godliness!! Just kidding, just keep it sanitary so you can stay out of the emergency room. Makeup is suppose to be fun, not turn into the next plague.


Kim B


Fall Five PT 3

Hello all you cheekbone highlighted honeys!!! Today we are diving into part 3 of my fall five series. This will be on my essential beauty tools. Things you never think to have on hand until you need them and some you couldn’t beat your face without. So these are mine.

Exfoliators- I use all different types of things to exfoliate my skin. I use a face scrub or an exfoliating pad for my face, and a sugar scrub or a dry brush. My favorite for my face is these inexpensive exfoliating pads I get from Ulta or the drugstore (Ulta has more in a pack and a lot cheaper). These allow me to be as abrasive or gentle as I want and I can also use my favorite cleanser because there is no cleanser in them. Exfoliators are great for fall, if your skin can take them, when the weather gets cold and dries out. There is all kinds for different skin types even sensitive.

Spatula- A beauty spatula is great for getting products out of jar containers in a sanitary way. This is especially important to prevent breakouts, and cross contamination. No one wants pink eye people, especially not twice!!!!!

Brush cleaner- This is another key piece in keeping things sanitary. This will also aide in clearing breakouts and preventing further breakouts on a contamination level. I use a spray brush cleaner to spot clean daily and a good deep clean once a week.

Makeup sponges- I love these because they are so versatile. I use the same sponge for foundation, cream bronzer, liquid highlighter, and concealer. They are great for multiple use so that you don’t use multiple brushes and have more to clean at the end of your beauty session. And since they are to be used wet, they are so easy to clean before or after you use it. Win win!!

Clorox wipes- These are a must have for your vanity and if you do freelance. I use these to wipe down my vanity surfaces, mirror, and the handle of my drawers. I even use it to wipe off the little class coaster I use to put my liquid products on. Anything that I touch on a daily basis gets a swipe of a wipe. Ya girl is not in the business of catching a cold or worse.

Well lovelies those are my five beauty tool must haves. I love these all year long and fall is definitely no exception. Thank you all for stopping by. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.


Kim B

Fall Five Pt2

Hello beauty beautifuls. Today I want to do pt.2 of my fall series. This one is products that are really good and are under $5. I love a good product for a great price. I will even buy multiples so that I have them on hand when I run out. Cause you know once the cat is out the bag about an affordable product, poof they’re nowhere to be found. So I have found some that are amazing and can even be dupes for some high end products. Let us dive into the pool of makeup bliss shall we.

Mascara: Jordana best lash extreme (walgreens 3.99). I love this mascara. I try to switch it up with different mascaras but I always seem to go back to this one. I really enjoy high end (lancome Grandious, benefit roller lash) and other drugstore (loreal telescopic) but I can’t seem to let this one go. It doesn’t flake, it last all day, and it doesn’t smudge on my lower lash line. Now I have some very unimpressive eyelashes, but this mascara makes them a contender in the “they aight” lash category.

Blush: Makup Revolution matte blushes (Ulta $5). Makeup revolutionis a UK brand and is now sold at Ulta. This brand has stolen my heart. Their products are affordable and amazing. They are known for their dupes on high end plalettes like the naked palettes. Their blushes are very pigmented. They do have a little bit of powder kickup but that doesn’t bother me because I have to tap some of the pigment off anyway.

Foundation: Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation (walmart $4.68). This foundation is AMAZING!!! It comes in a good amount of shades. The best part is that they have different undertones as well, and for drugstore that isn’t common. Instead of a pump, it has a spatula which is great to get all of the foundation out of the bottle, but also great to apply a little or a lot without wasting product. Natural semi matte beautiful finish.

Lipstick: Wet N Wild megalast lip color (anywhere $2.67). These are a cult favorite that I haven’t heard anyone talk about in a while. Well these beautiful matte long lasting lipsticks should be praised more. Since liquid lipsticks, people have been throwing traditional lipsticks to the waist side. Not today!! I love these especially in the fall. Creamy and matte without drying out the lips.

Bronzer: NYC Sunny bronzer (anywhere 2.99). Another cult favorite. I have been using this since I got into makeup. I even had this hidden in my book bag in middle school so my mom wouldn’t find it lol. Sorry mom but the lip gloss wasn’t enough #sorrynotsorry. This is a buildable but natural bronzer. Great for no makeup makeup days or to give your bare skin a little life. Gorgeous “slight tan” look.

Concealer: ELF HD lifting concealer. This is a great lightweight concealer to highlight the under eye and the middle of the face. Love this concealer for a natural look. Doesn’t come in a lot of of shades which is horrible but the blendability is great.

Well lovelies those are my 5 under $5 plus 1. I have also attached my youtube video oin this as well. Thank you so much for stopping by. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe here and on my youtube channel.


Kim B