Fall Five PT 3

Hello all you cheekbone highlighted honeys!!! Today we are diving into part 3 of my fall five series. This will be on my essential beauty tools. Things you never think to have on hand until you need them and some you couldn’t beat your face without. So these are mine.

Exfoliators- I use all different types of things to exfoliate my skin. I use a face scrub or an exfoliating pad for my face, and a sugar scrub or a dry brush. My favorite for my face is these inexpensive exfoliating pads I get from Ulta or the drugstore (Ulta has more in a pack and a lot cheaper). These allow me to be as abrasive or gentle as I want and I can also use my favorite cleanser because there is no cleanser in them. Exfoliators are great for fall, if your skin can take them, when the weather gets cold and dries out. There is all kinds for different skin types even sensitive.

Spatula- A beauty spatula is great for getting products out of jar containers in a sanitary way. This is especially important to prevent breakouts, and cross contamination. No one wants pink eye people, especially not twice!!!!!

Brush cleaner- This is another key piece in keeping things sanitary. This will also aide in clearing breakouts and preventing further breakouts on a contamination level. I use a spray brush cleaner to spot clean daily and a good deep clean once a week.

Makeup sponges- I love these because they are so versatile. I use the same sponge for foundation, cream bronzer, liquid highlighter, and concealer. They are great for multiple use so that you don’t use multiple brushes and have more to clean at the end of your beauty session. And since they are to be used wet, they are so easy to clean before or after you use it. Win win!!

Clorox wipes- These are a must have for your vanity and if you do freelance. I use these to wipe down my vanity surfaces, mirror, and the handle of my drawers. I even use it to wipe off the little class coaster I use to put my liquid products on. Anything that I touch on a daily basis gets a swipe of a wipe. Ya girl is not in the business of catching a cold or worse.

Well lovelies those are my five beauty tool must haves. I love these all year long and fall is definitely no exception. Thank you all for stopping by. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.


Kim B


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