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A few new goodies and what I think so far

Hello beauties, today I want to share a few new items I have picked up so far and what I think about them so far. Picking up new stuff is fun but can sometimes bring a little worry. Like “is this going to work for me, is this my color, will my skin survive this change in products”.  So of course I buy and try cause I have a love for all things beauty. So these are a few things that I have recently picked up.

Cleanser- Neutrogena oil free acne wash. Now this product came over on the mayflower so it is definitely not a new find, but this is the first time I am trying it. I remember when I was younger and my aunt use to have the Neutrogena shampoo in her shower and it was the most medicated smell I have ever smelled at the time. I immediately took a mental not to put that anywhere near me. So it took me a long time to try this face wash, and the fact that it had a $3 off coupon hanging off of the $4.77 product. So I said why not. Now usually for an acne cleanser I love the Aveeno clear complexion cleansing pads, but with this deal I had to try the Neutrogena. The active ingredient is salicylic acid which is what my skin reacts well to. This cleanser is drier than the ones that I use regularly so I go in with a heavier moisturizer or I add a few drops of oil to my moisturizer. It does clear the skin, but the dryness can be uncomfortable until you add your toner and moisturizer.

Serum- Now that I have come to love acids by The Ordinary, I have really been on the lookout for more skin benefitting serums and acids. I recently ran out of my Niacinimide+Zinc acid from The Ordinary. I found the same acid of a different brand called VaJean labs from TJ MAXX for $5.99 so I had to try it. This one is very similar to the one from The Ordinary. The only disadvantage is TJ MAXX isn’t guaranteed to keep this product regularly, but I like that I conveniently have one that I can pick up in store instead of having to order online. For now anyway.

Setting Spray- This is another TJ MAXX find but this brand is popular for their rose water and cucumber face mists. I found this white charcoal matte setting spray $5.99which I haven’t heard anyone talk about. I love this stuff. In the later fall and winter I like a matte face or a slight glow from within look and this is great so setting you makeup or on bare skin to mattify the skin. This kept my tzone matte all day.

Foundation- I have been pondering on the Fenty foundation since it came out. This foundation has been getting g rave reviews and the fact that the brand is all inclusive to all skintones is amazing. I mean, the fact that Rihanna came out with 40+ shades on the first launch is fantastic. Some multi million dollar brands have been out for years and still only have 7 shades shows a lot about how they are missing some major monies excluding large groups of people willing to drop cash money on what they want. There is only a handful of brands that have a large amount of shades. This is a thin but very buildable foundation, which is great for combo oily skin. If you are more dry, I would suggest a moisturizing primer under this foundation so that it stays comfortable on the skin.

Mascara- Loreal just came out with a new mascara called the lash paradise mascara. This is claimed by others to be a dupe for the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. They have the same wand, packaging, and formula consistency. This mascara has a dry formula so if you like a more wet mascara, you won’t like this. It does leave the lashes soft which I really love. The formula took some getting use to for me, but now I really enjoy this mascara for my top lashes. Will it replace my holy grail Jordana Best Lash Extreme? No, but it is a great  addition to my favorite choices.

Body Wash- Now I am very picky when it comes to body wash. The have to smell right, foam properly, and leave no residue after rinsing. My absolute favorite body wash is the Yardly London mango lily and Honey Almond Oatmeal. I haven’t been able to find them and my stock has slowly dwindled. So as I began to freak out, I had to start the long journey of finding a new fav. After a few fails, I found the Le Petit Marseilias body wash in peach & nectarine at walgreens and decided to give it a go. They have a few scents and they all are great, so I chose the peach because it reminded me of the Yardly one. This is the exactly like the Yardly. I am obsessed with this body wash, and the bottle is huge for a great price. I can’t wait to try the others.

Well folks those are the new products I’ve been playing with lately. Thank you all for stopping by. Please like, comment, and subscribe and let me know what you would like to see or me to talk about next.


Kim B


Morning skincare routine

Hello skincare carriers, This post and video is a special request from my 10 year old niece Kenley. She said that she “needed” me to do a skincare video for daytime. Well pretty girl, this one is for you.

Now folks this is a skincare routine geared towards combo skin type and acne prone. Now by acne prone I don’t mean cystic acne, I more mean on the line of occasional breakouts, small cluster bumps, under surface pimples, or menstral breakouts. This is my process for at home daily upkeep.

Products mentioned:

A face wash with salicylic acid- Neutrgena oil free acne wash

Face balancing toner and calming- Equate witch hazel

Serum- The Ordinary caffeine solutions 5% + zinc 1%

The Ordinary vitamin C suspension 23% + HA spheres 2%

Moisturizer- Bliss fabulous drench N Quench cream to water lock-in moisturizer

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