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Affordable Skincare

Hello beauties. Lately I’ve been asked what type of skincare do I use, and if there are some affordable options. Well, to be honest most of my skincare lately has bee very affordable and most even from the drugstore and target. Man I do love me some target, like whoever said Disney world was the greatest place on earth clearly ha never been to Target!!! Just saying. So this is some of my favorite affordable skincare products. Now some products are worth spending a little more on like serums, moisturizers, and oils. There are some really great affordable things in these categories, but I suggest that if your on a beauty budget, 75% of it should go to good skincare. I don’t spend a lot on cleansers because they don’t sit on your skin long and all you do is literally wash it down the drain. It doesn’t stay on your skin long enough to benefit.

Cleansers: now this category I do the Korea skincare double cleanse method for my nighttime routine. I first cleanse with a oil or balm to breakdown any makeup, dirt, and grime first. Rinse and then I go in with a regular cleanser to cleanse the skin and deep clean my pores. For my daytime routine, I just to the second part of the double cleanse. No need to breakdown makeup if you cleansed your face before you went to bed like the beauty bible tells you to right? With my double cleanse method I have two suggestions for each step.

1st Cleanse-

ELF Gel melt face cleanser- $10 Target

This is a great cleanser for breaking down makeup and if you wet your hands, it will lightly foam which is great for a second cleanse for dry skin. It leave the skin very clean but not over drying.

Trader Joe’s Cleansing oil- Trader Joe’s $6.99

I love this cleaner. I search all the time for a good affordable oil cleanser and this is the best one I have found. Even the ones at the drug store are more that this price and I cant spend a lot on something that I rinse off and the use another cleanser to wash the rest off my face. No ma’am, no sir. This oil is very light weight and break down makeup very easily so no need to rub hard on the face.

2nd cleanse:

ELF daily face wash- Target $4

I have posted about this cleanse a few time but that because it’s just that good. This cleanse is vey gentle on the skin, isn’t overly drying. I really love this cleanser for day and night.

Neutrogena oil free acne wash- Target $6.69

I like this cleanser when I’m having small breakouts or my skin is feeling congested. This cleanse can dry out the skin, so I use it at night and use an oil as a moisturize so I don’t have irritated dry skin in the morning


Now for toner I go both high end and drug store. Whatever my skin likes, I use. Some toners can be too strong or do nothing. You have to find your right skin cocktail. My skin likes toners with salicylic acid, witch hazel, glycohlic acid, and glycerin in them.

Formula 10.0.6 totally clean- Target $5.99

This toner has salicylic acid which is great for my combo acne prone skin. This toner doesn’t burn when applied, smells good, and cleans my pores. BTW this is an empty bottle. The actual product is a orange liquid. Had to dig this bad boy out of my empties bag. Loll

Which hazel- Wal-Mart $1.34

I love this for my morning toner. It keeps my oils at bay and give a good surface for my serums/acids to soak into the skin. I always find a big bottle of this in the firstaid section of the store for less than $2?? I’ll take it!!!

Glycolic acid 7% toning solution- The Ordinary $8.70

This is amazing for my nighttime routine because it pulls water from the air into the skin. This is great for me at night so that my skin isn’t dehydrated causing it to  create more oil during the day. My nighttime routine is when I pull out all the repairing big guns.


I use acids the same way someone would use a serum. My skin is tough enough to handle a daily acid regimen. I use acids for many different reasons so I tend to rotate them regularly based on what my skin needs.

Salicylic Acid- The Ordinary $5.30

This is the only BHA. Not only does it help with acne, this acid is also the best for getting rid of the horrible black heads. It gentle exfoliates the skin as well. My skin doesn’t react to benzoide peroxide at all, pimples laugh at it. But salicylic acid really works for me.

Niacinimide+Zinc- ValJean Labs  TJ Maxx $5.30

This is my second bottle of this acid from different brands and I love them both. This really helps smooth out the texture on my skin. It also helps with evening out the skin tone.

Caffeine Solutions- The Ordinary $6.70

This is amazing for depuffing under the eye, and since the acid is in an oil, it really moisturizes the thin layer as well.


Like I’ve said tons of times, I have combo skin so my skin reacts better to a gel moisturizer in the morning. Gel moisturizers soak into my skin and gives me a great base for my foundation.

Garnier Skincare Refreshing Gel Cream- $6.59

I purchased this to try for an alternative to some of my higher end gel moisturizers. Since I’m combo skin, I love a gel moisturizers because they soak into the quickly instead of sitting on the skin like a cream moisturizer. This smells amazing, great consistency, and really hydrates the skin. I’d say I have found a great easy drugstore grab when I can’t get to my higher end moisturizers.

Vitamin E oil- Trader Joe’s $3.99

I have been loving this as an addition to my nighttime skincare routine. I love that this oil is thick but still lightweight at the same time. I like to mix this with my Lancôme Absolu cream. I like to really layer on the moisturizers because I work in a warehouse for my second job in the middle of the night and this not only soaks into the skin, but it also gives me a this protective barrier from all the dirt and grim that I have to deal with.

Well those are the affordable skincare item that I enjoy and actually use. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment your favorite drugstore skincare.

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