February Favorites

Hello eyeliner lovers!!! Today I want to talk about the things I was loving and using on the regular in the month of February. I use a lot of the same products and even have a good bit of holy grail products, but I still love trying new products. That’s what makes us all beauty junkies right??!! So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Maybelline Fit Me loose finishing powder in light- Ulta $7.99

I really enjoy this powder for setting my under eye. It’s very finely milled like the Coty Airspun powder. It has a pretty subtle tint to it. I went with the light shade because I light a bright under eye. The shade light has a pretty salmon tint that really brightens and help defuse any darkness under the eye.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% toner- The ordinary $8.70

I really love this toner for my nighttime routine. Glycolic acid pulls moisture from the air. , promotes collagen production, and gently exfoliates the skin. its really hydrates my skin and gives an amazing prep for my skin to really absorb my moisturizer.

ELF Plumping lip gloss in champagne glam and mocha twist- Target $5 each

These are the best non sticky, super shiny glosses I have found in a long time!! The matte liquid lipstick was such a thing for so long, I forgot how great a moisturized glossy lip looked. Now, this gloss does tingle because it is a plumping gloss so be aware. I didn’t see any plumping but my lips are already really full so I’m okay with not seeing a difference. The mocha twist is a gorgeous mauve color and give your lips a perfect pout. The champagne glam gives an amazing shimmer gloss that reflects the sun like a cheek highlight.

Mac lip pencil in Oak- Mac  $17.50

This is a oldie but a goodie that I completely forgot but picked back up and remembered how much I love this pencil. You can tell my love for it based on how short it is. Mac pencils can be dry and sharpening them can be a pain but the colors that they have is amazing.

Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil- Trader Joe’s $3.99

I have been really into extra moisturizer with my nighttime skincare routine. I work two jobs and one is in the middle of the night at a warehouse so I like to have enough moisture in my skin to not only penetrate my skin but to also create a barrier from the dust and dirt in the warehouse. So I want my moisturizer to do double duty per say. I add this in with my Lancôme Absolu cream or by itself and it’s amazing both ways. It’s a thick oil but not heavy so it won’t clog your pores. I even mix this with my body lotion and it keeps the cold weather skin at bay.

ELF lock on liner and brow cream in light brown- Target $4

I bought this item on a whim cause it was on sale for like $2 at the time. I figured it will be a nice subtle look for an eyeliner instead of a black that can sometimes look a little to harsh on a subtle look. I also wanted to try it as a natural brow look. This was a very pleasant surprise. Not only is this a great liner, it’s an amazing brow cream. It’s very creamy so at first I thought it was gonna move around, but once it dries it stays put. And the color is so nice, not too cool or warm. Just start light handed and if you want it darker just add a little more.

Wet N Wild concealer in Tawny- Walgreens $3.99

At first I did not like this concealer because I was comparing it to my other favorites. The color wasn’t light enough to highlight, the color range at my Walgreens was not good, and the consistency was not good with a damp beauty sponge. Once I set back and tried this concealer with no bias, I began to really enjoy it. I like to pat this in with the Real Techniques expert face brush. I use this to conceal and the go in with a lighter thinner concealer to highlight. Once  I use it that way, I fell in love with it.

Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Tangelo Tint- Coastal scents $1.98

When costal scents have there hot pots on sale I go nuts. I buy the eye shadow and blush pots and I haven’t been disappointed yet. This color I have been loving in the crease for a subtle color or all over the lid. I love it!!! It’s not as bright as it looks in the pan, but it is very buildable.

Attractive Scenery Shadow Palette- Aliexpress $5.20

I bought this shadow purely out of curiosity. I figured I can use it to practice looks without using my good stuff. Also I’ve been wanting to dry really blown out eyeshodows or colorful contours for pictures. On finger swatch into this palette and I was in shock. This palette is super pigmented!! I wore this to my birthday dinner and you would not have know that this was a $5 palette. Very impressive.

ELF Liquid Highlighter in Illuminating- Target $4

Lustrelux on youtube said this was a must have, and I knew she was talking to me (my thought process for buying more makeup). This I a beautiful glow from within and so easy to apply. Champagne shade. Even better when you add a powder highlight on top so that the space station can short circuit. I even like this on my no makeup makeup looks. Which lately have been just light brows, concealer, and this liquid highlighter.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in luminous Gold- Ulta $9

The best thing about this highlighter is the fact that it comes in different shades. 7 shades to be exact. So its great for everyone and can be used all over the face and body. This is an intense highlighter and should be taken seriously. Only use when business needs handled and beat face is the subject. So gorgeous. I want the bronze gold shade for the summer body highlight life.  No additional highlight needed.

Well folks those are my February favorites. Is it bad that I have a basket of products I’m trying now for march favorits and still have a dreaw of products I haven’t tried yet? Houston I may have a problem! Oh well, I love it. Mom please don’t send me to rehab. Thank you all for stopping by and please like, subscribe, and comment the products you were loving during the month of love (for beauty right).


Kim B


1 thought on “February Favorites

  1. I love the ‘Ordinary’ products you show on your blog. I can’t live without them. Thank you for the reviews, you’re awesome.


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