Summer Beauty Trends

Hello amazing glowing skin beauties. Today I was looking around on the internet to see what will be popping for the hot summer months in the beauty world. I realize, like every season, that some of these trends are more for going out and being fantastic on an everyday basis. Well I don’t know about you, but, I would love to be pretty every single day in full face and a ball gown, but I also love to hit my snooze button at least 3 times before dragging myself out of bed for either job 1 or 2. So since I don’t have the Carrie Bradshaw life, I decided to do the seasonal trends my own way, one that fits my every day get up. The best thing about summer trends is that it’s a lot lighter so not much change has to happen to make it wearable for everyone. Other seasons are not so forgiving. So I found 7 trends that I think we all can pull off seamlessly. So lets get this beauty junkie fix started shall we.

Trend #1

Cobalt blue eyeshadow. I love this shade of blue but it can be a slippery little sucker when it comes to a beautiful blue smokey eye or the female version of fight club. The way I found to be able to rock this during the day and make it a pretty pop of color without looking like the walk of shame at 2 in the afternoon. I like to use a colored shadow as a liner on the lid and/or to thinly smoke out the bottom lash line. This is especially great if you are not comfortable with color.

Trend #2

Lip gloss. Always a good idea. Plus lately I have been finding more opaque colored glosses and I AM HERE FOR IT!!!!!!! My older sister calls it fried chicken grease lips, translation: the glossier the better. And for summer, it’s all about glow, gloss, and bronze. Which is why we roam the earth right? Life’s purpose is saving the wales and being as glowy as humanly possible without looking like we were in an bikini oil wrestling fight? Thin line folks thin line. Tread lightly and build from there. Goddesses activate!!

Trent #3

Colored mascara. This is a trend that I have been wearing since high school (don’t dare ask how long ago that was). With colored mascara you can go subtle dark colors or go complete K-pop with brights and pastel colors. The lash is your canvas. I like to casually do this just on the bottom lash line to give it an effortless look. pair this with a little blue shadow on the bottom lash line and leave the lid neutral and you have a look that will turn heads.

Trend #4

Rhinestone nails. Now, for my part time job, I lift heavy packages and putting them into trucks (and by heavy I mean car parts, tools, furniture, etc) so rhinestones wouldn’t last very long. So this Trend causes me to really go in another direction in order to replicate. So instead of an actual rhinestone, I like to use glitter to iridescent polish as a design instead of an all over the nail color. Swirls, dots, whatever to give that illusion of a rhinestone effect.

Trend #5

Body highlighter. Now, a lot of brands have these on the shelves, and when Rihanna did it, it became the thing. I love a body BB cream with highlight in it to put on my poor pale legs when I wear dresses. I also like to hit up my shoulder and collar bone with a powder or liquid highlighter for that healthy glow.

Trend #6

Cleopatra eyeliner. I love this look, but for everyday errrrr not happening. Sleep vs torturing myself with trying to make my liner match on each side…… sleep, I chose sleeeppppp!!!! But when I do want a good winged line I like to keep it thin for daytime. So this is one Trent that apparently, I’ve adjusted so much that it went from cleopatra to her cat. Oops

Well lovelies those are the popular trends of the summer.If you know of any more trends, just comment those below. Thank you all for stopping by and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe


Kim B


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