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Summer Beauty Trends

Hello amazing glowing skin beauties. Today I was looking around on the internet to see what will be popping for the hot summer months in the beauty world. I realize, like every season, that some of these trends are more for going out and being fantastic on an everyday basis. Well I don’t know about you, but, I would love to be pretty every single day in full face and a ball gown, but I also love to hit my snooze button at least 3 times before dragging myself out of bed for either job 1 or 2. So since I don’t have the Carrie Bradshaw life, I decided to do the seasonal trends my own way, one that fits my every day get up. The best thing about summer trends is that it’s a lot lighter so not much change has to happen to make it wearable for everyone. Other seasons are not so forgiving. So I found 7 trends that I think we all can pull off seamlessly. So lets get this beauty junkie fix started shall we.

Trend #1

Cobalt blue eyeshadow. I love this shade of blue but it can be a slippery little sucker when it comes to a beautiful blue smokey eye or the female version of fight club. The way I found to be able to rock this during the day and make it a pretty pop of color without looking like the walk of shame at 2 in the afternoon. I like to use a colored shadow as a liner on the lid and/or to thinly smoke out the bottom lash line. This is especially great if you are not comfortable with color.

Trend #2

Lip gloss. Always a good idea. Plus lately I have been finding more opaque colored glosses and I AM HERE FOR IT!!!!!!! My older sister calls it fried chicken grease lips, translation: the glossier the better. And for summer, it’s all about glow, gloss, and bronze. Which is why we roam the earth right? Life’s purpose is saving the wales and being as glowy as humanly possible without looking like we were in an bikini oil wrestling fight? Thin line folks thin line. Tread lightly and build from there. Goddesses activate!!

Trent #3

Colored mascara. This is a trend that I have been wearing since high school (don’t dare ask how long ago that was). With colored mascara you can go subtle dark colors or go complete K-pop with brights and pastel colors. The lash is your canvas. I like to casually do this just on the bottom lash line to give it an effortless look. pair this with a little blue shadow on the bottom lash line and leave the lid neutral and you have a look that will turn heads.

Trend #4

Rhinestone nails. Now, for my part time job, I lift heavy packages and putting them into trucks (and by heavy I mean car parts, tools, furniture, etc) so rhinestones wouldn’t last very long. So this Trend causes me to really go in another direction in order to replicate. So instead of an actual rhinestone, I like to use glitter to iridescent polish as a design instead of an all over the nail color. Swirls, dots, whatever to give that illusion of a rhinestone effect.

Trend #5

Body highlighter. Now, a lot of brands have these on the shelves, and when Rihanna did it, it became the thing. I love a body BB cream with highlight in it to put on my poor pale legs when I wear dresses. I also like to hit up my shoulder and collar bone with a powder or liquid highlighter for that healthy glow.

Trend #6

Cleopatra eyeliner. I love this look, but for everyday errrrr not happening. Sleep vs torturing myself with trying to make my liner match on each side…… sleep, I chose sleeeppppp!!!! But when I do want a good winged line I like to keep it thin for daytime. So this is one Trent that apparently, I’ve adjusted so much that it went from cleopatra to her cat. Oops

Well lovelies those are the popular trends of the summer.If you know of any more trends, just comment those below. Thank you all for stopping by and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe


Kim B



Hello lovelies!!! Today in beauty news, the headline is “empties, riffling threw trash cause we love being nosy”. I love these posts because by the time I get through a product, I know if I like it or not. Also if you see multiples of the same product, you know it’s real!!! So here are my empties.

Pur cosmetics big look mascara- Loved tis for my top lashes. I’m a big fan of rubber bristle wands and this one is a larger one. One to two coats does the job. This is a travel size which I like because it gives me a chance to use it all before the 3 month expiration date. Lashes are long and wispy without clumping.

Loreal lash paradise mascara- I really enjoyed this mascara. It was like an improved version on the Loreal telescopic which is another holy grail. Its an exact dupe for the Too Faced better than sex mascara. The small thing I don’t like is the packaging. Don’t get me wrong the color is great but it flakes off really bad. Other than that I love this mascara and I will repurchase despite the packaging error.

Jordana best lash extreme mascara- This is my holy grail mascara!!! I buy this over and over. Gives lashes length and volume. The price is amazing. I have to always have one as a back up in my stash drawer.

ELF mascara- I did not like this mascara. AT ALL!!! I’m normally okay with dry formulas. Not my favorite formula but some are okay when the mascara is good. This one was dry and it did nothing for my lashes. I’m not picky with mascara cause my lashes are a bit pathetic, but this mascara made my lash line itch really bad.

Valjean labs restore niacinimide plus zinc and The ordinary niacinimide plus zinc- I love both of these acids. I didn’t see a difference in these. They both worked just the same. I have already repurchased the Valjean brand because I can purchase it at TJ Maxx which is right near me instead of ordering online.

The ordinary Alpha Lipoic acid 6%- this product went bad on me before I could finish it. But when I had it, it was good. The smell is aweful but the product worked really well. I prefer chemical exfoliant more than a physical one. Physical exfoliants create little tears in the skin.

Trader joe’s vitamin E oil- This is amazing oil and the price is amazing. I love it for my face at night and on my body mixed with my lotion. I’m actually half way through my second bottle.

Lancôme absolue premium bx day cream-I loved this moisturizer this winer. Winter was pretty rough here in Tennessee. So this was essential in my nightly routine (even though this is a day cream). It’s so creamy and this so, for me, it’s great at night to really take the time to soak into the skin.

Bliss Drench ‘N’ Quench cream to water moisturizer- I have purchased this multiple times and will continue to purchase. This moisturizer is amazing for my daytime skincare. It’s a little thicker than a normal gel moisturizer but still thinner than the traditional cream. Perfect medium.

Trader Joe’s womens formula multivitamin and mineral- I really like this vitamin. It gives me enough energy to get through my very busy workweek.

Nyx Microbrow in ash brown- Holy grail brow pencil as you can see lol. I’ve talked about this pencil many times and I still love them the same. This is one of the few pencils I have found that I like the color. I will repurchase in the future but for right now I’m using the new Nyx precision brow pencil. Which has a flat slanted tip.

LA girl shady slim brow pencil in medium brown- This is a new discovery that was a pleasant surprise. This pencil is more creamy than the microbrow but amazing just the same. This will now be in regular rotation. I love this one for the front of my brow and my microbrow for my tail.

Bliss fabulous foaming face wash- I love this cleanser for my daytime cleanser. The best thing is that target is now carrying Bliss and this cleanser is now only $9.99!!!! yea you know I am here for it. This cleanser is so nice that regardless for the price, I need it. It doesn’t dry the skin, it has non abrasive microbeads, and it leaves the skin so soft and supple.

Elf hydrating gel melt cleanser- I absolutely love this cleanser for the first step in my night time routine to break down my makeup. I use the double cleanse method and this is great for the first cleanse and then go in with a deep clean cleanser after. I apply this on dry skin. If you wet this get cleanser, it will turn into a light foam wash. So good!!!

Formula 10.0.6 totally clean deep pore toner-I really love this toner. I ran out and decided to try a few different ones that why there is only one in this picture. Since I haven’t used this in a while, my skin knows it. This product really cleans the pores and gets rid or whit and black heads. Since running out, I have some blackheads on my nose and they have got to go. So I will definitely be repurchasing.

Wet N Wild photo focus foundation in desert beige- One of my favorite foundations. Already repurchased. Great for everyday, amazing medium coverage, and blends out very easily. I even love the spatula applicator because I can get every single drop out of it.

Clinique acne solutions makeup- I love the look of this foundation. The only down side is it oxidizes pink on me!! Every Clinique foundation I’ve tried turns very pink on my. Sad panda.

Elf BB cream in medium- I have been in love with this BB cream for YEARS!!! I especially love this in the cooler weather, but I tend to use it all year round. I use it just like a foundation. I add concealer and set it with a powder. This has an amazing natural glow finish.

Pur cosmetics air perfection cc cushion foundation refill in tan- This foundation is great for the warmer weather. I love this because it is really lightweight but has decent coverage and is also buildable. Perfect for travel because it comes in a compact. The compact is easy to change the refill which is what I like.

NYX HD concealer in cw05- I love this to highlight under my eyes. This concealer is so nice in consistency it reminds me a lot of the nars radiant creamy concealer just without the price tag. Win Win. This concealer is so nice and leaves the skin looking so healthy and glowy.

Elf HD concealer in light- I love this as a spot concealer and to neutralize my under eye before applying a brightening concealer. I have already repurchased and have a backup.

Lancôme visionnaire blur- This product can be used on bare skin or as a primer. I love this for a primer. it really blurs the look of pores and it smells amazing. It’s so easy to blend onto the skin. It also has great skincare properties in it. It also smells amazing.

Essence brow mascara- This is a really nice essence. The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that it comes in like 3 shades and there is no medium brown shade. It’s like blonde and then almost black. But the wand is tiny which is perfect to get in the brow hairs. I like this when I use a lighter brow pencil so that my brows have contrast.

Tony Moly I’m real sheet mask in pomegranate- I love sheet masks. I especially love tony moly sheet masks. The variety is great. They have different masks for whatever treatment you want. This one is to help with elasticity. The sheets are soaked in serum which I love because they can stay on the skin longer without drying out quickly.

Well beauties, those are all my empties at the moment. Let me know what products you have recently discovered. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.


Kim B

February Favorites

Hello eyeliner lovers!!! Today I want to talk about the things I was loving and using on the regular in the month of February. I use a lot of the same products and even have a good bit of holy grail products, but I still love trying new products. That’s what makes us all beauty junkies right??!! So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Maybelline Fit Me loose finishing powder in light- Ulta $7.99

I really enjoy this powder for setting my under eye. It’s very finely milled like the Coty Airspun powder. It has a pretty subtle tint to it. I went with the light shade because I light a bright under eye. The shade light has a pretty salmon tint that really brightens and help defuse any darkness under the eye.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% toner- The ordinary $8.70

I really love this toner for my nighttime routine. Glycolic acid pulls moisture from the air. , promotes collagen production, and gently exfoliates the skin. its really hydrates my skin and gives an amazing prep for my skin to really absorb my moisturizer.

ELF Plumping lip gloss in champagne glam and mocha twist- Target $5 each

These are the best non sticky, super shiny glosses I have found in a long time!! The matte liquid lipstick was such a thing for so long, I forgot how great a moisturized glossy lip looked. Now, this gloss does tingle because it is a plumping gloss so be aware. I didn’t see any plumping but my lips are already really full so I’m okay with not seeing a difference. The mocha twist is a gorgeous mauve color and give your lips a perfect pout. The champagne glam gives an amazing shimmer gloss that reflects the sun like a cheek highlight.

Mac lip pencil in Oak- Mac  $17.50

This is a oldie but a goodie that I completely forgot but picked back up and remembered how much I love this pencil. You can tell my love for it based on how short it is. Mac pencils can be dry and sharpening them can be a pain but the colors that they have is amazing.

Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil- Trader Joe’s $3.99

I have been really into extra moisturizer with my nighttime skincare routine. I work two jobs and one is in the middle of the night at a warehouse so I like to have enough moisture in my skin to not only penetrate my skin but to also create a barrier from the dust and dirt in the warehouse. So I want my moisturizer to do double duty per say. I add this in with my Lancôme Absolu cream or by itself and it’s amazing both ways. It’s a thick oil but not heavy so it won’t clog your pores. I even mix this with my body lotion and it keeps the cold weather skin at bay.

ELF lock on liner and brow cream in light brown- Target $4

I bought this item on a whim cause it was on sale for like $2 at the time. I figured it will be a nice subtle look for an eyeliner instead of a black that can sometimes look a little to harsh on a subtle look. I also wanted to try it as a natural brow look. This was a very pleasant surprise. Not only is this a great liner, it’s an amazing brow cream. It’s very creamy so at first I thought it was gonna move around, but once it dries it stays put. And the color is so nice, not too cool or warm. Just start light handed and if you want it darker just add a little more.

Wet N Wild concealer in Tawny- Walgreens $3.99

At first I did not like this concealer because I was comparing it to my other favorites. The color wasn’t light enough to highlight, the color range at my Walgreens was not good, and the consistency was not good with a damp beauty sponge. Once I set back and tried this concealer with no bias, I began to really enjoy it. I like to pat this in with the Real Techniques expert face brush. I use this to conceal and the go in with a lighter thinner concealer to highlight. Once  I use it that way, I fell in love with it.

Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Tangelo Tint- Coastal scents $1.98

When costal scents have there hot pots on sale I go nuts. I buy the eye shadow and blush pots and I haven’t been disappointed yet. This color I have been loving in the crease for a subtle color or all over the lid. I love it!!! It’s not as bright as it looks in the pan, but it is very buildable.

Attractive Scenery Shadow Palette- Aliexpress $5.20

I bought this shadow purely out of curiosity. I figured I can use it to practice looks without using my good stuff. Also I’ve been wanting to dry really blown out eyeshodows or colorful contours for pictures. On finger swatch into this palette and I was in shock. This palette is super pigmented!! I wore this to my birthday dinner and you would not have know that this was a $5 palette. Very impressive.

ELF Liquid Highlighter in Illuminating- Target $4

Lustrelux on youtube said this was a must have, and I knew she was talking to me (my thought process for buying more makeup). This I a beautiful glow from within and so easy to apply. Champagne shade. Even better when you add a powder highlight on top so that the space station can short circuit. I even like this on my no makeup makeup looks. Which lately have been just light brows, concealer, and this liquid highlighter.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in luminous Gold- Ulta $9

The best thing about this highlighter is the fact that it comes in different shades. 7 shades to be exact. So its great for everyone and can be used all over the face and body. This is an intense highlighter and should be taken seriously. Only use when business needs handled and beat face is the subject. So gorgeous. I want the bronze gold shade for the summer body highlight life.  No additional highlight needed.

Well folks those are my February favorites. Is it bad that I have a basket of products I’m trying now for march favorits and still have a dreaw of products I haven’t tried yet? Houston I may have a problem! Oh well, I love it. Mom please don’t send me to rehab. Thank you all for stopping by and please like, subscribe, and comment the products you were loving during the month of love (for beauty right).


Kim B

March Favorites

Hello loves and thank you for stopping by for another monthly favorites. I have really been making an effort to try new products. Switching it up sometimes is good for your health and your beauty addiction. Buy more buy more!!! These are some products that I have tried and that I have been loving.

Garnier skinactive moisture rescue refreshing gel cream- Ulta $8.99

I talked about this moisturizer in my affordable skincare post. I have still really been enjoying this moisturizer. It smells amazing and really sinks into the skin. Leave the skin a little tacky which is great for foundation.

Muji High moisture toning water- Muji $6

I love this on my entire face as a toner and on the Muji under eye masks (which I’ll talk about in a sec). It makes my skin feel soft and takes away any tightness that a cleanser may cause after washing my face.

LA Girl brow pencil in medium brown- Ulta $5.99

This pencil is trying to take the first place spot from my NYX microbrow. Whaaaaa!!! Yes, this pencil is amazing. It’s a little drier than the microbrow but, it still glides and doesn’t pull on the brow. Amazing pencil.

La Girl Ultimate intense stay auto liner in keep it spicy- Ulta 4.99

This lip pencil has quick moved into holy grail status. I use to be in love with tawny lip pencil by Jordana but, I haven’t been able to find it in a really long time. This pencil reminds me so much of the Jordana one. This one is so creamy and beautiful. I love it so much that I need more colors and a back up of this one. So you better run and try it before I get ahold of them lol.

ELF lip lacquer in natural- Target $1.99

This is a very pigmented and comfortable lip lacquer. It’s so comfortable that I wouldn’t call it a lacquer. When I think of a lacquer, I think of a lip stain or a liquid lip. But this is different. It has the comfort ad feel of a lipstick but the staying power of a liquid lip. It’s not transfer proof but it stays put on the lips.

Tony Moly I’m real pearl essence sheet mask- Ulta $2 (on sale)

This is one of my favorite brand of sheet masks, and this mask has became a major favorite. This mask leaves the skin so soft and luminous. This mask is also really wet which I love because after removing the sheet, there is serum left over to blend into the skin with my hands and move it down my neck.

Muji cut cotton in ecru- Muji $3.50 for 180pcs

I declare that these cotton pads are a great dupe for my favorite (pricy for a cotton pad) Schisedo cotton pads. They are the same shape, feel, and texture. The Muji pads come in two colors ecru and white.

Muji under eye sheet masks- Muji $1.95 for 20pcs

I love sheet masks if you haven’t noticed yet. The reason I love these under eye masks so much is because they come dry. So I can add my own serums and mixes to the sheets. Makes me feel like I am my own Esthetician. I can create the combo that my skin needs and make it happen. And 10 pairs for less than $2, I’ll take it.

NYX precision brow pencil in ash brown- Ulta $9.99

The look of this brow pencil is similar to the ABH brow definer with the thick slanted pencil. I really like this because it is so creamy and deposits a lot of pigment so a very light hand is key. I like this at the front of my brow and the LA girl brow pencil on the tail. Since getting these two I haven’t really been reaching for my NYX microbrow as much. OOPS!!

Well those were my new favorites that I have added to my rotation. Some have even been trying to replace others. Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. And let me know what some of your favorites have been recently so I can add to my list of things to try.


Kim B

Affordable Skincare

Hello beauties. Lately I’ve been asked what type of skincare do I use, and if there are some affordable options. Well, to be honest most of my skincare lately has bee very affordable and most even from the drugstore and target. Man I do love me some target, like whoever said Disney world was the greatest place on earth clearly ha never been to Target!!! Just saying. So this is some of my favorite affordable skincare products. Now some products are worth spending a little more on like serums, moisturizers, and oils. There are some really great affordable things in these categories, but I suggest that if your on a beauty budget, 75% of it should go to good skincare. I don’t spend a lot on cleansers because they don’t sit on your skin long and all you do is literally wash it down the drain. It doesn’t stay on your skin long enough to benefit.

Cleansers: now this category I do the Korea skincare double cleanse method for my nighttime routine. I first cleanse with a oil or balm to breakdown any makeup, dirt, and grime first. Rinse and then I go in with a regular cleanser to cleanse the skin and deep clean my pores. For my daytime routine, I just to the second part of the double cleanse. No need to breakdown makeup if you cleansed your face before you went to bed like the beauty bible tells you to right? With my double cleanse method I have two suggestions for each step.

1st Cleanse-

ELF Gel melt face cleanser- $10 Target

This is a great cleanser for breaking down makeup and if you wet your hands, it will lightly foam which is great for a second cleanse for dry skin. It leave the skin very clean but not over drying.

Trader Joe’s Cleansing oil- Trader Joe’s $6.99

I love this cleaner. I search all the time for a good affordable oil cleanser and this is the best one I have found. Even the ones at the drug store are more that this price and I cant spend a lot on something that I rinse off and the use another cleanser to wash the rest off my face. No ma’am, no sir. This oil is very light weight and break down makeup very easily so no need to rub hard on the face.

2nd cleanse:

ELF daily face wash- Target $4

I have posted about this cleanse a few time but that because it’s just that good. This cleanse is vey gentle on the skin, isn’t overly drying. I really love this cleanser for day and night.

Neutrogena oil free acne wash- Target $6.69

I like this cleanser when I’m having small breakouts or my skin is feeling congested. This cleanse can dry out the skin, so I use it at night and use an oil as a moisturize so I don’t have irritated dry skin in the morning


Now for toner I go both high end and drug store. Whatever my skin likes, I use. Some toners can be too strong or do nothing. You have to find your right skin cocktail. My skin likes toners with salicylic acid, witch hazel, glycohlic acid, and glycerin in them.

Formula 10.0.6 totally clean- Target $5.99

This toner has salicylic acid which is great for my combo acne prone skin. This toner doesn’t burn when applied, smells good, and cleans my pores. BTW this is an empty bottle. The actual product is a orange liquid. Had to dig this bad boy out of my empties bag. Loll

Which hazel- Wal-Mart $1.34

I love this for my morning toner. It keeps my oils at bay and give a good surface for my serums/acids to soak into the skin. I always find a big bottle of this in the firstaid section of the store for less than $2?? I’ll take it!!!

Glycolic acid 7% toning solution- The Ordinary $8.70

This is amazing for my nighttime routine because it pulls water from the air into the skin. This is great for me at night so that my skin isn’t dehydrated causing it to  create more oil during the day. My nighttime routine is when I pull out all the repairing big guns.


I use acids the same way someone would use a serum. My skin is tough enough to handle a daily acid regimen. I use acids for many different reasons so I tend to rotate them regularly based on what my skin needs.

Salicylic Acid- The Ordinary $5.30

This is the only BHA. Not only does it help with acne, this acid is also the best for getting rid of the horrible black heads. It gentle exfoliates the skin as well. My skin doesn’t react to benzoide peroxide at all, pimples laugh at it. But salicylic acid really works for me.

Niacinimide+Zinc- ValJean Labs  TJ Maxx $5.30

This is my second bottle of this acid from different brands and I love them both. This really helps smooth out the texture on my skin. It also helps with evening out the skin tone.

Caffeine Solutions- The Ordinary $6.70

This is amazing for depuffing under the eye, and since the acid is in an oil, it really moisturizes the thin layer as well.


Like I’ve said tons of times, I have combo skin so my skin reacts better to a gel moisturizer in the morning. Gel moisturizers soak into my skin and gives me a great base for my foundation.

Garnier Skincare Refreshing Gel Cream- $6.59

I purchased this to try for an alternative to some of my higher end gel moisturizers. Since I’m combo skin, I love a gel moisturizers because they soak into the quickly instead of sitting on the skin like a cream moisturizer. This smells amazing, great consistency, and really hydrates the skin. I’d say I have found a great easy drugstore grab when I can’t get to my higher end moisturizers.

Vitamin E oil- Trader Joe’s $3.99

I have been loving this as an addition to my nighttime skincare routine. I love that this oil is thick but still lightweight at the same time. I like to mix this with my Lancôme Absolu cream. I like to really layer on the moisturizers because I work in a warehouse for my second job in the middle of the night and this not only soaks into the skin, but it also gives me a this protective barrier from all the dirt and grim that I have to deal with.

Well those are the affordable skincare item that I enjoy and actually use. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment your favorite drugstore skincare.

Also check out my YouTube video on this as well.


Kim B

Products I Regret Buying

Hello beauties. For the start of 2018 I have been going through my products and getting rid of items that I don’t like. I’ve even tried to make things work the best I can, but some things are just not for me. These are five products that just wasn’t forever in my favor.

Ardell lash glue in clear- I have repurchased this glue, tried the one that comes with the lashes, applied it to my false lash band and even my actual lash line and I just cant seem to get it to work. My lashes start to lift an hour after applying them. I’m not a pro at applying false lashes but it takes me forever and multiple tries to get them to stick. And the corners never seem to stick ever.

Marceller waters- I have tried to come up with ways to use this type of product without feeling like I’m pulling at my skin and I’ve got nothing. I can’t even get all of my eye makeup off. Maybe I’m spoiled by the double cleanse method. I love using a cleansing oil, milk, or balm to break down my makeup and then going in with a second cleanse of my regular cleanser. I’m just not a fan of products that pull on the skin because it can cause skin elasticity breakdown. No bueno!!!

LA Girl HD pro concealer- I do not understand the hype of this concealer. The shades are weird to me, the formula is thing and couldn’t even keep a secret, it leaves the skin feeling greasy, and the packaging is just not the move. There are so many other great concealers on the shelves that are way better and in the same price range. It’s just not for me.

Coastal scents brush cleaner- Now I love coastal scents for all kinds of their products especially their hot pot single shadows (holy grail). But the brush cleaner is awful. The consistency is like jelly. The bottle is so hard you can’t squeeze the product out. You use so much of the product because it doesn’t foam up or even clean you brushes. I even tried to use it to clean my brush holder, nothing.

Contact solution- This contact solution made my contacts and eyes sooooo dry!!! Like how?? How do a liquid make what touches it dry. Sounds amazingly disappointing to me. It’s a conundrum I can’t understand. I have been wearing contacts for literally 20 years and have never had that problem. Had me thinking I was a little crazy :/

Well folks those are the products that are not my friends and I am blocking them from 2018. Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment products that you are unfriending this year.


Kim B

January Favorites

Hello beauty babes. This is my January favs. Now some I have been loving forever and probably talked about them before. But when you in love, you keep bringing it up right?? Some products I just rock with on a regular bases. Even when I try something new, I still go back to the products that don’t let ya girl down.

Primer: Lancôme La Base Pro Hydraglow. Normally I am combo/oily skin type category. But this winter I have been more normal skin type. This has given me to opportunity to use more hydrating products without looking like a grease trap. So it’s really fun switching form a matte face to a more glow. I have been loving this primer, especially under my Fenty Beauty foundation. It really hydrates the skin and preps it for foundation.

Foundation: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation. This foundation says soft matte but it Is a really matte formula. It is also a very thin formula which makes it great to build on the skin without looking cakey. I wouldn’t recommend this foundation to someone who is dry and flakey. If you are normal to dry, then I would suggest really prepping the skin with a good moisturizer and hydrating primer so that you won’t look or feel like a desert.  And also of course I can’t mention this foundation without talking about how amazing the color range it. 40 shades!!!! That is a ground braking beauty exclusivity that I am happy to witness.

BB, CC, Tinted moisturizers/cream: Pur cosmetics Air Perfection CC cushion. I love this Cushion. They call it a CC Cushion foundation, but I like to consider it a CC cream in a cushion. It isn’t a full coverage. It has a beautiful dewy finish which my skin has been loving. Now the shade range is not good at all, but since it is a more sheer product and is a CC formula, it seems to really blend into the skin well. You can use it under, over, or as a foundation. Very versatile since the shade range is crap.

Concealer: Wet N Wild Photo Focus concealer. Now at first I wasn’t a fan of this concealer, but the more I use it, the more I really enjoy it. I like it to conceal my under eye and any pigmentation before foundation and highlighting. The coverage is good and it blends out like a dream.

Powder: Lancôme transleucence powder. This powder is great because it’s not heavy. I gives the skin a nice natural look. I love it on top of the Pur CC Cushion foundation because it keeps the glow that the cushion gives without the foundation moving or looking to oily.

Bronzer: Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze. From the first time I used it, I was in love. This bronzer is so smooth and just beautiful on the skin. buildable and not orange at all. Just a very beautiful product.

Blush: Coastal scents blush pot in Glowing Ember. This blush is absolutely beautiful. The shade is a cool mauve shade. The color gives a great flush of color. The blush is matte but gives the skin a very healthy finish.

Highlighter: Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate. Like the bronzer, this highlighter is love at first swipe. Amazing glow. You can apply this for a soft glow from within or you can blind astronauts on the space station. Huge pan of product and an amazing price. soft buttery powder.

Mascara: Loreal Lash Paradise mascara. Now ya’ll know my holy grail mascara is the Jordana Best Lash Extreme. I normally don’t try new mascaras unless they are samples. Now there are some that I love but the price stops me from repurchasing. I mean the life of a mascara is only 3 months, so most prices don’t justify the life of the product. This mascara is suppose to be a dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I don’t think it is but it is very similar. I like that it keeps my lashes soft, which I like for more natural looks.

Well folks those are my January favorites. What are some of your favorites of the month? Thank you for coming by. Please like, comment, and subscribe.


Kim B

A few new goodies and what I think so far

Hello beauties, today I want to share a few new items I have picked up so far and what I think about them so far. Picking up new stuff is fun but can sometimes bring a little worry. Like “is this going to work for me, is this my color, will my skin survive this change in products”.  So of course I buy and try cause I have a love for all things beauty. So these are a few things that I have recently picked up.

Cleanser- Neutrogena oil free acne wash. Now this product came over on the mayflower so it is definitely not a new find, but this is the first time I am trying it. I remember when I was younger and my aunt use to have the Neutrogena shampoo in her shower and it was the most medicated smell I have ever smelled at the time. I immediately took a mental not to put that anywhere near me. So it took me a long time to try this face wash, and the fact that it had a $3 off coupon hanging off of the $4.77 product. So I said why not. Now usually for an acne cleanser I love the Aveeno clear complexion cleansing pads, but with this deal I had to try the Neutrogena. The active ingredient is salicylic acid which is what my skin reacts well to. This cleanser is drier than the ones that I use regularly so I go in with a heavier moisturizer or I add a few drops of oil to my moisturizer. It does clear the skin, but the dryness can be uncomfortable until you add your toner and moisturizer.

Serum- Now that I have come to love acids by The Ordinary, I have really been on the lookout for more skin benefitting serums and acids. I recently ran out of my Niacinimide+Zinc acid from The Ordinary. I found the same acid of a different brand called VaJean labs from TJ MAXX for $5.99 so I had to try it. This one is very similar to the one from The Ordinary. The only disadvantage is TJ MAXX isn’t guaranteed to keep this product regularly, but I like that I conveniently have one that I can pick up in store instead of having to order online. For now anyway.

Setting Spray- This is another TJ MAXX find but this brand is popular for their rose water and cucumber face mists. I found this white charcoal matte setting spray $5.99which I haven’t heard anyone talk about. I love this stuff. In the later fall and winter I like a matte face or a slight glow from within look and this is great so setting you makeup or on bare skin to mattify the skin. This kept my tzone matte all day.

Foundation- I have been pondering on the Fenty foundation since it came out. This foundation has been getting g rave reviews and the fact that the brand is all inclusive to all skintones is amazing. I mean, the fact that Rihanna came out with 40+ shades on the first launch is fantastic. Some multi million dollar brands have been out for years and still only have 7 shades shows a lot about how they are missing some major monies excluding large groups of people willing to drop cash money on what they want. There is only a handful of brands that have a large amount of shades. This is a thin but very buildable foundation, which is great for combo oily skin. If you are more dry, I would suggest a moisturizing primer under this foundation so that it stays comfortable on the skin.

Mascara- Loreal just came out with a new mascara called the lash paradise mascara. This is claimed by others to be a dupe for the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. They have the same wand, packaging, and formula consistency. This mascara has a dry formula so if you like a more wet mascara, you won’t like this. It does leave the lashes soft which I really love. The formula took some getting use to for me, but now I really enjoy this mascara for my top lashes. Will it replace my holy grail Jordana Best Lash Extreme? No, but it is a great  addition to my favorite choices.

Body Wash- Now I am very picky when it comes to body wash. The have to smell right, foam properly, and leave no residue after rinsing. My absolute favorite body wash is the Yardly London mango lily and Honey Almond Oatmeal. I haven’t been able to find them and my stock has slowly dwindled. So as I began to freak out, I had to start the long journey of finding a new fav. After a few fails, I found the Le Petit Marseilias body wash in peach & nectarine at walgreens and decided to give it a go. They have a few scents and they all are great, so I chose the peach because it reminded me of the Yardly one. This is the exactly like the Yardly. I am obsessed with this body wash, and the bottle is huge for a great price. I can’t wait to try the others.

Well folks those are the new products I’ve been playing with lately. Thank you all for stopping by. Please like, comment, and subscribe and let me know what you would like to see or me to talk about next.


Kim B

Morning skincare routine

Hello skincare carriers, This post and video is a special request from my 10 year old niece Kenley. She said that she “needed” me to do a skincare video for daytime. Well pretty girl, this one is for you.

Now folks this is a skincare routine geared towards combo skin type and acne prone. Now by acne prone I don’t mean cystic acne, I more mean on the line of occasional breakouts, small cluster bumps, under surface pimples, or menstral breakouts. This is my process for at home daily upkeep.

Products mentioned:

A face wash with salicylic acid- Neutrgena oil free acne wash

Face balancing toner and calming- Equate witch hazel

Serum- The Ordinary caffeine solutions 5% + zinc 1%

The Ordinary vitamin C suspension 23% + HA spheres 2%

Moisturizer- Bliss fabulous drench N Quench cream to water lock-in moisturizer

Thank you all for stopping by!! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe


Fall Five pt 4

Hello my favorite beauty obsessed individuals. Today I felt the need to whip out the warning rules of the beauty world. I already have this posted titled “5 places to never store your products,” and since I’m incorporating this into my fall five series on here and my YouTube channel, I thought I will repost it. I have come here to save your life from all things gross. But I am also here with the product life raft to save the day.

Now I know for most of us, storage is scarce these days especially in this economy and the increase cost of housing. Seems like apartments are getting smaller and the rent just keeps hiking up to the sky. It’s like wanting a pair of Sam Edelman leather thigh high boots and only being able to afford a pair of adidas slip ons. Tragic I know, I know. When it comes to small spaces and trying to create proper storage for life, I understand the stuggle. When living in NYC, I witnessed first hand the real estate price of a closet in a basement that is labeled as a spacious garden studio apartment. Yeah right!!

Although space can be an issue, there are just some places beauty products should not live. Wheather you love high end or drug store, no one wants to throw away a product before its expiration date. This is the simple list that I have compiled. I’m sure there are other areas. If you know of any other places you should not store your products, comment below.


Windowsills are a great place to store books, figurines, cats. But not a place for your beauty products, Specifically perfumes. The light can change the scent of a fragrance, and can even cause it to spoil. The sun can also cause foundations to oxidize, melt lipsticks, and even dry out pencil and gel products prematurely.


In college I always seen girls keep their beauty products on the bathroom sink. I then realized that my mom does it as well. For the love of all things pigmented, do not do this. Your bathroom is constantly in a warm moist (gosh I hate that word, moist eek) breeding ground for bacteria. So now your beloved Charlotte Tilbury micro powder that you just ripped open the box is now becoming a rapid growing petri dish. I know this sounds a bit harsh but these things go on your face and near your eyes so it’s best to be safe.


Now there is a few exceptions to this rule. If you need to repair a broken lipstick, make a melted lipstick solid again, cool under eye or face sheet masks that are sealed, or to prolong the life of you nail polish. That’s probably the only reasons to use a fridge for makeup. And even with that, things like lipstick should only be placed in there for a short period of time. Have you ever put a cut onion in the fridge and the next day the whole fridge smells like onion and foods even taste like it too? Yeah this can happen to you makeup as well. Food smells and releases chemicals that can transfer to your beauty products. Not to mention that green pepper that you forgot about in the back of the fridge way out of eyesight, is now growing penicillin and that is not good for anything let alone you $40 Laura Mercier loose setting powder. Yuck unless you like your face to smell like left over Indian Curry


Near a heater is horrible for your cream products including lipsticks. Also glass products like face oils and moisturizers will start to lose active ingredients, separate, and begin to smell. What’s the point of forking over money for something that doesn’t work or a holy grail that isn’t performing like it should. We all have that regret drawer and no one wants to add to that pile of disappointment.


Now I pretty much live out of my car, but I know not to keep my makeup in there. It all started with my favorite Lancôme lipstick in the shade Trendy Mauve that fell out of my purse and ended up in the floor unnoticed by me and by the time I got back into my car that beautiful brand new shade was a goner and I was out $23. Of course I replaced it but not without kicking myself enough to count as my cardio for the week. There was no saving it or my wallet in that tragic incident.

Alright folks that all I have for right now. Now remember, say no to pink eye and cleanliness is next to godliness!! Just kidding, just keep it sanitary so you can stay out of the emergency room. Makeup is suppose to be fun, not turn into the next plague.


Kim B